The Death Of Europe's Coal Industry

More than half of Europe’s coal plants are already bleeding cash, but by 2030, the percentage of coal plants in Europe that report negative cash flow could explode to an estimated 97 percent.

Alibaba Launches Giant Car Vending Machines In China

Alibaba's plan - as it expands into physical, "bricks and mortar" locations - is to open two giant car vending machines in early 2018, shaped like a futuristic tubular building with a giant cat’s head on top.

Why We Should Worry About China

"As China tries to export its way out of the bubble, the impact on prices and trade all over the world should not be underestimated. We should not ignore the financial risks either. "

Proctor & Gamble Concedes Proxy Fight, Names Nelson Peltz To Board

Two months after narrowly losing a proxy vote that would have granted him a seat on Proctor & Gamble’s board, Trian’s Nelson Peltz has somehow managed to win a crucial battle in the largest and most expensive corporate proxy battle in modern history...

Bank Of America: "This Is The First Sign That A Bubble Has Arrived"

Japan 1989, US 1999, China 2007 are the bubble roadmaps: all saw bull markets mutate into bubbles and higher bond yields. And the first sign of bubble (outside Da Vinci, bitcoin...) should be divergence between credit and equity prices in technology...