The End Of The Age Of Benevolence

"...we have reached peak denial in our civilization and whether we like it or not reality is about to make a come back."

"This Is A Paralyzed Market": Hedge Fund Turnover Drops To All Time Low

Hedge fund portfolio turnover continued its downward trend and reached a new record low last quarter. Across all portfolio positions, turnover registered 26% in 3Q, while turnover of the largest quartile of positions, which make up the vast majority of fund portfolios, fell to just 13%.

The US-Saudi Starvation Blockade

"Churchill's starvation blockade of Germany was a war crime and a crime against humanity, but the horrors of WWII made people forget this milestone on the Western road to barbarism...A comparable crime is being committed today against the poorest people in the Arab world - and with the complicity of the United States."

How Colin Kaepernick 'Celebrated' Thanksgiving

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick traveled to Alcatraz Island to participate in the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering for Thanksgiving Thursday... an event also called "Un-Thanksgiving Day."

FBI Warns Of Growing Threat Of Left-Wing Violence

"In the FBI report... it says that these violent left wing groups traveled to Europe, met with representatives of al-Qaida and the Islamic State, or ISIS.  They also went to Syria and got bomb making instructions and toxic chemical instructions..."