America Is Smoking Less But Getting Fatter

On the day of peak gorging, we are reminded that while the smoking rate in the United States has dropped, with obesity it’s the other way round. America is facing a sustained obesity crisis...

Lessons From Squanto

Remember, the Pilgrims didn’t receive monthly government checks, and Squanto didn’t show up with a bucket of extra crispy KFC purchased with an EBT card.  Rather, Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to sow and fertilize native crops and trade furs with other native tribes, and they reaped the fruits of their labors for a lifetime..."

Rediscovering America: A Quiz On Thanksgiving

Today, Americans will celebrate their oldest tradition: the observance of Thanksgiving, which dates back to 1621. The quiz below provides an opportunity to test your knowledge of the history and customs of the nearly 400-year-old holiday...

The Source Of The Next Crisis

"I finally get it. Shorting VIX, at these low levels, in the size they are doing, is not only dumb, but crazily dangerous, not only to the parties trading it, but also to the stability of the entire financial system."

The Mother Of All Irrational Exuberance

"... relative to today's casino madness and the Goldman fairy tale hockey stick, Alan Greenspan circa April 2000 looks like a model of sobriety by comparison. So if that was Irrational Exuberance back in April 2000, what we have now is surely the mother thereof..."