Romania's Unrevolutionary Revolution

February in Romania has brought 27 consecutive days of protests against the current government, at a scale unmatched since the Revolution in 1989.

Millionaire Migrants: Countries That Rich People Are Flocking To

Money may not buy happiness, but it does buy the ultimate flexibility for making financial and lifestyle decisions. For many of the world’s millionaires, money provides a highly effective means to escape their home country when times get tough.

Plot Holes - The Michael Flynn Affair

The Michael Flynn Affair is one of those movies where you figure out a jumble of things that don’t make sense as you walk out of the theater.

Here's How The Deep State Is Trying To Lead Trump Into A Nuclear War

A Pentagon panel known as The Defense Science Board, told the Trump administration that they need to remake our nuclear arsenal into a force that is capable of engaging in a "limited" nuclear war. There’s only one problem with the idea of engaging in a limited nuclear war. It simply can’t be done.

The Cultural Purge Will Not Be Televised

"The idea that free speech has its limits somewhere around the point where it hurts somebody’s feelings is beyond idiotic and dangerous...Do you really want to live in a world where people sever business and personal relationships because a literal flash mob demands it? Where mobs get to pick and choose who you are allowed to associate with?"

Artist's Impression Of The Oscars

As President Trump noted: "Oscar night was sad. They focused too much on politics (on attacking me) and messed things up after all."

New Rules Force Banks To Charge For Research; Hedge Funds Push Back: "We Won't Pay For Crap"

New rules in Europe, known as Mifid II, will force banks to charge separately for their equity research rather than lumping the cost in with trading fees.  But as one European fund noted, research analysts are likely to be the biggest loses since "there will be a lot of c**p that clients won’t pay for and that is when the big cuts [to the analyst workforce] at the global banks will come."