In A Stateless World, Can You Grow Veggies In Your Front Yard?

That’s what government does – interferes in people’s lives,Ricketts said. “We had that garden for 17 years. We ate fresh meals every day from that garden. Since the village stepped its big foot in it, they have ruined our garden and my health.”

The 'Unknown Unknowns' That Threaten U.S. Shale

Those 'known unknowns' serve as a warning: the oil market can’t be complacent and just assume that the Permian boom will deliver as expected... The Wolfcamp may be the star of the Permian but "there are more than likely 'unknown unknowns' out there too."

Kolanovic Unveils His 2018 Outlook: The "Frogs Are Almost Boiled" So Start Hedging

... like a ‘frog being boiled’ tail risks may be realized with a significant delay and triggered by an unrelated catalyst. The tail risk could manifest itself with forced deleveraging of systematic strategies - options hedging/dynamical delta hedging, vol targeting, risk parity, trend following - disruptions to market liquidity, and failure of bonds to offset equity risk.

Concerned About Bitcoin Security? Try This...

"All of the recent crypto theft is making people question the security of Bitcoin and other digital currencies...But it’s important to remember, in these cases, 'Bitcoin' didn’t get hacked... it was the exchanges or marketplaces that got hacked."