Gold, Bitcoin, And Metcalfe’s Law

"...the bigger the network of users, the greater that network’s value becomes... Bitcoin adoption could multiply the more people become aware of how much of their wealth is controlled by governments and the big banks."

Is Capitalism Dead Or Merely Dying?

"If the remaining wealth is not divided better than it is today, those who have gathered most of it will also find themselves in non-functioning societies and communities..."

Poor Cities And Poorer Economics

"It is poor economics that still keeps these regions poor. And it is not in the interest of politics to promote sound economic ideas..."

Top US General Describes Deadly Niger Ambush

The top US general briefed reporters on the timeline of the Oct. 4 attack in Niger, which left four American special forces soldiers dead. They were ambushed by ISIS fighters with rockets and machine guns while leaving a village on a reconnaissance mission and heading back to their post.

Why Governments Will Not Ban Bitcoin

"Those who see governments banning ownership of bitcoin are ignoring the political power and influence of those who are buying enough bitcoin to matter..."

The 4 Possible Channels For A Chinese Financial Crisis

An analysis by Victor Shih of Merics lays out 4 plausible scenarios of financial crisis in China: household defaults, shadow banking panic, capital flight, and a sudden stop of international lending. It finds that China’s greatest vulnerability resides in its dwindling foreign exchange reserve and escalating external debt, which can trigger a confluence of maxi-devaluation, external defaults, and sharp asset price depreciation.

Good Companies Don't Always Make Good Stocks

"Coca-Cola to some degree epitomizes the U.S. stock market. If over the next ten years, despite all the headwinds it faces, Coke is able to grow earnings at a faster pace than 3% and interest rates remain at current levels, then its stock will provide a decent return... However, there is a lot of wishful thinking in this paragraph."

"A Utopia Of Hermaphrodites?"

"The decadent USA, lacking discipline and decorum, lost in raptures of grandiose techno-narcissism, broadcasting its twerked-up gangsta fantasies while it sucks finished goods from other lands in exchange for janky bonded debt, is becoming the international pariah..."