Gen. Mattis: "Russia Is The Principal Threat To US Security"

"The world order is under biggest attacks since WW2, from Russia, terrorist groups, and China’s actions in the South China Sea,” Gen. Mattis told John McCain, agreeing with the bellicose senator that Russia is trying to break up NATO, and adding that Russia is the "principal threat" to the United States's security.

'Protectionist' Obama Escalates Trade War, Slams China With Subsidized Aluminum Complaint

With all the partisan narrative defining Trump as a tariff-setting, anti-trade, economy-buster, we thought it ironic that free-trade-wunderkid Obama just escalated trade wars by bringing his administration's 16th trade-enforcement complaint against China with WTO, urging tariffs on subsidised Chinese aluminum, after accusing them of funneling artificially cheap loans from state-run banks to producers.

Gold Leads As Dow Dive Erases 2017 Gains

VIX is spiking (admittedly to just above 12) as US equity markets are tumbling following the path of the USD (biggest drop in 6 months). The Dow just gave up all its 2017 gains (with Small Caps -0.8% on the year) as gold leads all asset classes.

Think The Aftermath Of The Election Was Bad? Wait Until Inauguration Day

After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and was elected the next president of the United States, all hell broke loose in America. Violence and hatred spread like a pandemic virus. Then, things settled down, although the defeated liberals were still unhappy. Cities went back to normal, and anti-Trump vitriol returned mainly to its verbal form. But maybe they were just saving their energy for the inauguration on the 20th.

RBC Explains Why The Market Is Dumping, Adds "This Is Not The Big Short"... Yet

"The driver for the acceleration of ‘reversal trades’ yesterday into the overnight was the Barnum-esque circus of a press conference yesterday from President-elect Trump. Expectations were built for a more “Presidential” tone, with more granular ‘policy talk.' We got a “goat rodeo” instead, and it spooked a lot of the TACTICALLY long reflation crowd."

Amazon To Create 100,000 New Jobs In The US

The latest company to join Trump's "make American jobs great" bandwagon, Amazon on Thursday announced that it plans to create an additional "100,000 full-time, full-benefit jobs in the U.S. over the next 18 months."

Live Stream: Russia, Iran and International Alliances To Take Center Stage At Mattis Confirmation Hearing

With two days of grueling confirmation hearings in the books, it's time for Retired Marine General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, Trump's pick for Secretary of Defense, to field some questions.  In his prepared remarks, Mattis is expected to emphasize the importance of international alliances and bringing "business reforms to the Department of Defense by instilling budget discipline."

Import Prices Rise At Fastest Rate In Almost 4 Years As Energy Costs Soar

With survey after survey warning of stagflationary impulses - stagnant growth and higher input prices - today's US import prices will do nothing to assuage those fears as the year-over-year rise of 1.8% is the hottest since March 2012. The main drive of the jump is the rise in energy costs as ex-fuel, input prices declined 0.1% YoY.