What Are Retail Investors Buying Right Now?

Technology companies dominate popular investment interest; do not, however, slough this off as less-informed retail investors just buying what they know. The point here is that the general population thinks these are the most attractive investment ideas – stocks they want to, or wish they could, own.

Stocks Rebound As Gartman Turns Bearish

This morning, we’ll be buying more puts and we’ll likely be reducing our long positions sufficiently to get our “net” position to one that is slightly net short.

Pound Tumbles Amid Brexit Chaos, "Headline Havoc"

Cable traders are suffering through a news overload this morning, with the optimism and euphoria which sent the pound to two month highs as recently as 2 days ago fading fast on speculation whether UK PM Theresa May will be able to engineer a Brexit breakthrough in time.