Chinese Military Personnel, "Aerial Assets" Allegedly En Route To Syria

"According to a senior officer in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) that is stationed inside the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, Chinese military personnel and aerial assets are scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks (6 weeks) to the port-city of Tartous – he could not provide anymore detail."

Bears Beware, JPM's Head Quant Just Flipped To Bullish: "The Technical Buying Begins"

After punishing the bulls like clockwork, many were wondering when will JPM head quant Kolanovic flip bullish and dole out some overdue pain for the bears. The answer: moments ago, when in a note providing an "Update on Technical Buying/Selling" he concludes that the technical selling is now officially over and the same technical sellers, among which the much maligned risk parity funds that pushed stocks in late August and early September, are now "expected to buy Equities."

The Shale Party's Over: "Closed" Bond Market Means "Restructuring Is Inevitable"

With the market's perceived risk of default across the energy space at record highs, it should be no surprise that willingness to lend (even for the greater-fool reach-for-yielders) is collapsing. As Bloomberg reports, oil services companies are finding alternative ways to raise cash and repay debt after falling crude prices has made it difficult for them to get funding from traditional sources. As one restructuring firm warned, "bond markets are closed for these companies, especially small ones, and banks may not be lending to them at this stage," with another ominoulsy warning, "getting new liquidity in this market could be a painful exercise. For many companies, financial restructuring seems inevitable."

David Petraeus, "Treasury Analyst": Please Don't Quit Your Day Job

Somehow everything in the following statement from David Petraeus is wrong: "There is no shortage of customers for the purchase of U.S. Treasuries," said Petraeus.... "Given the relative strength of the U.S. economy and the prospect of the Fed raising interest rates at some point in the months ahead, I suspect there will continue to be very keen interest in U.S. Treasuries." 

Q2 Earnings Decline Exposes The Illusion Of Profitability

With deflationary pressures rising in the Eurozone, Japan and China, the Affordable Care Act levying higher taxes on individuals, and labor slack remaining stubbornly high, a continuation of a "struggle" through economy is the most likely outcome. This puts overly optimistic earnings estimates in jeopardy of being lowered further in the coming months ahead as stock buybacks slow and corporate cost cutting becomes less effective.

A Desperate Wal-Mart Demands Suppliers Pass Along Yuan Devaluation Savings

When passing rising labor costs on to consumers isn’t an option, it’s the supply chain that suffers and now, in a frantic attempt to extract every last penny of savings in order to offset the cost of paying hundreds of thousands of workers $9/hour versus $8, Wal-Mart is effectively demanding price cuts from anyone with a connection to China in the wake of Beijing’s move to devalue the yuan.

Materials Stocks Are Testing Critical Support Levels

A failure of the current key support area would signify a deepening of these problematic trends that have unfolded over the past month. And as bad as things have been this past month, a further acceleration could be devastating.

Dutch Commodity Trading Firm Suffers Massive Loss, Blames It On "Rogue Trader"

Oe of the most surprising developments in recent months has been the relative scarcity of any high-profile commodity blow-ups or trader snafus, despite the tumbling commodity prices. That changed today when Dutch grain-trading firm, Nidera BV (whose name is an acronym consisting of the countries in which it operates: Netherlands, India, Deutschland, England, Russia, Argentina) has suffered a crushing blow as a result of a "rogue trader" whose actions led to "significant losses" in the company's biofuels business. Nidera CEO Ton van der Laan said the grain-trading house has since exited the biofuels business and closed all the deals linked to the losses. "There is a significant loss."

French Joblessness Surges To Record High

Since Francois Hollande was elected (in May 2012), France has seen its joblessness ranks rise 36 of 39 months by a stunning 648,000. The lastest month added another 20,000 as it appears the brief respite in June and July is well and truly over. At 3.571 million, this is the highest number of jobseekers France has ever had...

Obama's ISIS Czar Steps Down As Mission Falls Apart

In a startling turn of events, retired General John Allen will be stepping down as special envoy to the global coalition fighting ISIS and will be leaving government employment entirely. President Obama’s hand-picked choice to lead the U.S. in the international effort fighting the Islamic State will call it quits just as the harsh spotlight intensifies scrutiny over questionable decisions by the administration.

DAX Crash Continues - Closes Below Black Monday At 10-Month Lows

For USD investors, the collapse in German stocks has crushed returns to the lowest in 2 years. DAX's collapse this week leaves it closing at Black Monday lows, the lowest since Dec 2014. Perhaps most stunning is German stocks down over 20% since Q€ began...

When Two Uber-Bears Sit Down: Albert Edwards And Bob Janjuah Expect The Fed To Cut To -5%

"... this time we would see deeply negative interest rates in the US (and Europe). Sweden has led the way, dipping their toe below the water line with their current -0.35% policy rates but there will be more, much more along these lines. For if -0.35% is possible, why not - 3.5% or less? It goes without saying that deeply negative interest rates would be accompanied by a massively expanded QE4 in the US. The last seven years of exploding central bank balance sheets will seem like Bundesbank monetary austerity compared to what is to come."

Days Of Rage Are Coming

It's time to trade in your Jag, Mercedes, BMW (and maybe your Prius, Volvo, Lexus, etc.) before the Days of Rage start. The resistance will take the form of subverting the signifiers of wealth that exemplify the few who have benefited so greatly while everyone else lost ground.


Currency Carnage: The Global FX Heatmap Is A Bloodbath

If it was Janet Yellen's intention when deciding not to hike rates to stop the surge of the USD against emerging market currencies in hopes of halting the relentless global capital outflows and the resulting Quantitative Tightning, to avoid a new global currency crisis... she failed.