Yellen, Draghi, Kuroda: Deranged Lab Rats

It’s sad that “we the people” continue to allow deranged captured academics, under the complete command of the banking cabal, to control the destiny of our country. They have failed for 103 years, but we continue to bow down to these central bankers as if they knew what they were doing. They do know how to debase the currency, obfuscate true inflation, prop up financial markets through monetary manipulation, and generate prodigious amounts of propaganda and misinformation to coverup their true purposes. The people will sit idly by until these deranged rats destroy the world.

When "Mother's Milk" Runs Dry

For the third time in six months, US equity markets have exuberantly decoupled from earnings expectations thanks, in large part, to jawboning and coordination from Central Banks. With stocks near record highs despite the earnings "mother's milk" expectations tumbling, one can't help but wonder, as CNBC's Bob Pisani did this morning, given the comments from Evans, Lockhart, and Bullard, "It's possible the Fed has seen the market reaction and become alarmed by the complacency."

Why Crispin Odey's $11 Billion Fund Has 5% Daily Swings: "It's No Longer A Market But A Battlefield"

"By mid-March the fund was rising and falling by over 5% per day. At which point this was no longer an investment market but a battlefield. On the day that Draghi came out with his massive market support operation, the stock markets rose 2.5% and then closed down 1.5% on their lows. Imagine how painful it was to see the markets bounce the next day and celebrate his success. At that point I reduced the short book by a third and the long book by 10%."

One Of The Most Accurate Forecasters Of 2016: "S&P Is The Most Overbought Since 2009: Sell!"

"The US market is extremely overbought, and from a cyclical standpoint the SPX is trading in the time window of our late March/early April top projection. In this context, we see the US market vulnerable for a significant reversal this week, which we would see as the beginning of a tactical top building process and subsequent correction into deeper/later Q2."

Stocks Stand On "Tremulous Grounds"

"...the subsequent rally we have been on over the last few weeks or so will be retraced and not only violate that “Bullard Bottom” but will do so with conviction and spike down to levels not seen in years. Again let me iterate – and quickly!"

Peter Schiff Warns "The Fed Is Stuck In The Same Monetary Mud As In 2008"

The last thing the Fed can bear is for a recession that may be bubbling just under the surface to boil over into full view in the months heading into the election. If that occurs, we all may be seeing a great many press conferences from Mar-a-Lago. That is a development that I’m sure Janet Yellen wants to avoid at all costs.

Alice In Wonderland - Why Everything Is Nonsense

The entire Deep State complex is at the heart of the nonsensical, corrupt, and fraudulent system... Expecting the Mad Hatter to protect you? Or the Cheshire Cat? Good luck with that!

ETF WTF - "Dogs Of The Dow" Dead-Cat-Bounce Dies Horrible Death

We can only assume this is some chaoitic ETF liquidty disaster but, quietly under the headlines, the so-called "Dogs of The Dow" ETF - a basket of the highest-yielding equities in The Dow - has exploded from $16.50 to $21.60 in the last 3 days. This 31% spike however, has now been erased in one day as the ETF collapsed back to reality. So much for the liquidty-providers...

Oil Hits Critical Choke Point: Why "The Market Faces A Round Of Rapid Stockbuilds"

Ian Taylor, CEO of oil trader Vitol said on Tuesday that "stocks of crude and products continue to build and these will weigh upon the market". Global distillate stocks in the developed world are close to a record high, in the thick of refinery maintenance season, and in the run-up to the time when gasoline use hits its summer high point, but interest in diesel typically fades. "Absent run cuts, the market faces another round of rapid stockbuilds once refineries return from maintenance>"

30Y Treasury Yield Tumbles, Signals Trouble Ahead For Banks

Safe haven buying is ignoring precious metals and piling into bonds today with the long-end notably outperforming (-6bps) today. This has compressed the yield curve even more, putting more and more pressure on the "rate-hike environment" hopers who bought banks like they were told...