After The Chinese Devaluation, Who's Next?

On a broader level, the devaluation signals PBOC’s eagerness to join the global currency wars. With the competitive devaluation by various central banks gaining momentum but global trade slowing, the latest CNY devaluation could be seen as likely to force other central banks to consider similar measures before long. One currency that so far has successfully weathered the storm has been JPY... so far...

Japan National Debt Rises To New Record ¥1,057,224,000,000,000

The first half of 2015 saw Japan's national debt rise at its fastest pace in four years, hitting a new record high at ¥1.057 Quadrillion!! Have we reached Keynesian nirvana yet? Or is just a little more "what difference does it make" debt-fueled fallacy going to fix it all?

Oil Tumbles Under $43, Approaches Goldman's "Last Ditch" Support Level

WTI Crude just broke to a $42 handle - which would be the lowest closing price on a continuous adjusted future contract since March 2009. Based on the front-month contract, Goldman Sachs warns that there is "last ditch" support between $43.24 and $42.44 - a break below there could lead to serious capitulation...

Will China Play The 'Gold Card'?

Will China decide to "beggar its neighbors", the US and Europe? I think that the huge problem of keeping the Chinese economy on its feet and avoiding the political instability which would rage through China by not doing so - with a population in excess of 1.3 billion human beings - will be so compelling that China will practically inevitably resort to raising the price of gold in China. The era of the Dollar as reserve currency of the world, would have ended. However, another horrible scenario is possible: the US, run by those who insist on maintaining the plan for world domination through endless war, may decide to go to war with China and with Russia, too, for good measure.

Shake Shock - SHAK Crashes 15% From Overnight Highs

From $79.94 exuberant bubble highs overnight to $67.50 lows now, SHAK has collapsed over 15% from its post-earnings highs as the reality of a burger chain selling for 100s of multiple of excited future earnings sets in...

Did China's Devaluation Crush Yellen's Rate Hike Strategy

For financial asset investors in the U.S. and around the world, the immediate question becomes whether the Fed will now relax its guidance and seeming intention to raise its Fed Funds target. We think the Fed will still raise rates.

Demand For Credit Plunges 55% In China As Slump Deepens

Although the headline number suggests that credit demand in China was robust in July, the "expansion" was entirely attributable to Beijing's mammoth equity plunge protection effort. As for the real economy, well, the picture isn't pretty.

Rand Paul Blasts Donald Trump, Calls Him A "Fake Conservative" & Wannabe "King"

It’s very important to call out people like Trump for the man he is, so we don’t simply fawn and fall for a narcissist, strongman-type as a way to deal with our societal pain and frustration... "I was there at the first Tea Party in 2007 and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand passively by and watch the movement destroyed by a fake conservative."

Why "The Fed Is In A Bind" - Scotiabank Explains

The Fed has basically borrowed from the future to improve today. The intention of Fed policy over the past 30 years has been to self-correct business cycles into a ‘steadier state’ by easing interest rates into weakness and hiking them into strength. Unfortunately, there is political-asymmetry between easing and hiking which has resulted in the stair-stepping of official interest rates down to the zero lower bound. Monetary policy has reached the practical limits of what it can do.  Thus, the multi-decade credit era is coming to an end... Bad companies should be allowed to fail.  Creative destruction is beneficial in the long run.

From Currency Wars To Oil Wars - OPEC Ups Production To 3 Year Highs As Iran Output Surges

As China takes the currency wars to the next level, so OPEC, not to be outdone, rotates the oil war volume to 11. As Bloomberg reports, OPEC pumped the most crude last month in more than three years as Iran restored output to the highest level since international sanctions were strengthened in 2012. The response - as one would expect - is a plunge in crude prices, erasing all the ridiculous algo-driven gains of yesterday, pushing WTI back on the verge of a $42 handle.

Dow "Death Cross"-es For First Time In 4 Years

Just as we warned yesterday, unless the Dow can miraculously rally over 17,850, The Dow will close in a Death Cross pattern. This is the first time that the 50-day moving average crosses below the 200-day moving average since August 2011 (which was followed by a 1300 point swing from high to low in The Dow)...

Recession Imminent As Wholesale Inventories Surge, Sales Disappoint; Autos Worst Since 2009

The ratio of wholesale inventories-to-sales pushed back up to 1.3 - its highest since the recession and is flashing an enormous red flag for an imminent recesion in America, with the automOtive industry the biggest factor in this. A bigger-than-expeted 0.9% surge in inventories (biggest since April 2014) was accompanied by a considerably slower than expected 0.1% growth in sales (weakest since March) suggest that 'field of dreams' corporate planning remains in place. Most crucially, as The Atlanta Fed warns, "lower inventory investment will subtract 1.7ppt from Q3 real GDP growth." The higher Q2 'build' the worst Q3 will be - though we are sure economists will extrapolate Q2 growth no matter what...