If We Don't Change The Way Money Is Created & Distributed, We Change Nothing

If the money creation/distribution system isn't transformed, "reform" is nothing more than ineffectual policy tweaks that offer do-gooders the illusion of progress. The only real solution in my view is to create and distribute money at the base of the pyramid rather than to those in the top of the pyramid.

Don't Look Now But Gasoline Is Up 10% In 3 Days

After a year of proclamations from mainstream media (and Wall St. economists) that low oil prices mean low gas prices at the pump which means "bonanza" for US consumers, it appears none of that happened. Confidence is fading fast despite what some suggest is $550 average savings this year as 'gains' flooded into soaring rent and healthcare costs. But, more recently, as stock markets celebrate a soaring oil price (off decade lows), wholesale gasoline prices have soared 10% in a little over 48 hours...

Stock Buybacks In Jeopardy: Investment Grade Bond Funds See Biggest Outflow In 17 Weeks

There has been a "continued shunning of fixed income" with over $25 Bn of outflows from bond funds in three weeks, of which $6.4 Bn took place in the past week, resulting in outflows in 6 of past 7 weeks.However, the biggest outflow risk is not to Junk but to investment grade, that main funding source for trillions in corporate stock buybacks: it was the IG space that took another beating with largest outflows ($3.5bn) in 17 weeks!

US Had "Secret" Discussions With Assad "Regime", Tried To Start Military Coup

According to WSJ, "the Obama administration pursued secret communications with elements of Syria’s regime over several years in a failed attempt to limit violence and get President Bashar al-Assad to relinquish power, according to U.S. and Arab officials. Early on, the U.S. looked for cracks in the regime it could exploit to encourage a military coup, but found few.”

Full Early Market Closure Timetable

For those stuck watching algos frontrun today's market paint drying, here is the full calendar of today's early market closures.

Frontrunning: December 24

  • Global Stocks Take Breather After Oil-Fueled Rally (WSJ)
  • Junk Investors Evade the Trade (WSJ)
  • How the Third Avenue Fund Melted Down (WSJ)
  • Oil Traders Set to Pounce as U.S. Prepares to Lift Export Ban (BBG)
  • JPMorgan Says Japan Inc. Must Prepare for Yen Below 100 a Dollar (BBG)

Global Stocks, Futures Flat As Santa Rally Runs Out Of Steam In Christmas Eve-Shortened Session

After a furious three day "dash for trash", no volume, no breadth, commodity-driven rally, even Santa is now exhausted and overnight US equity index futures were little changed with European and Asian shares mixed. The dollar has declines as gold, silver gain, with WTI initially continuing its recent meteoric rise (up over 8% in the past three days, nearly hitting $38), only to reverse and give up all overnight gains moments ago. Copper falls after Chinese stocks see a second day of weakness, down 0.7% while an unexpected tumble in the USDJPY to 7 weeks lows has dragged the Nikkei (-0.5%) and its futures down.

What Fresh Horror Awaits The Economy After Fed Rate Hike?

Rather, economic collapse is the greatest weapon at the disposal of globalists. National panic, riots, looting, starvation, magnified crime: All of these things result in mass die-offs and desperation. Desperation leads to calls for "strong leadership", and strong leadership usually results in totalitarianism. It might seem sensationalist to tie all of these possible outcomes to the Fed rate hike decision, but give it a little time. Those who make accusations of sensationalism and “fear mongering” today will be asserting tomorrow that such developments were “easily predictable.”

The Big Short: "Every American Should See This Movie & Be F##king Pissed Off"

"This is a dangerous movie for Wall Street, the government, and the establishment in general. ... cuts through the crap and reveals those in power to be corrupt, greedy weasels who aren’t really as smart as they want you to think they are. The finale of the movie is sobering and infuriating."

7 Examples Of Demonizing Dissension & Public Opinion

As the Western world's "powers that be" tighten their tyrannical controlling noose on humanity's dissension and public opinion, it has never been more important to remember the quote from Orwell‘s novel 1984: "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

TSA Moves To Make Ineffective Body Scanners Mandatory

Apparently, the TSA is fed up with some of us peasants making such a choice, and so they have begun the process of removing the voluntary opt-out option. Despite a 96% failure rate, the TSA’s response is to double down and begin the process of making body scanner use mandatory.

Sri Lankan Government Official Busted For "Smuggling Gold Bars In Rectum"

Amid ongoing efforts by Indian authorities to monetize (read confiscate) the citizenry's precious metals (which we most recently detailed as an utter failure here and here), it appears the current suppressed low prices for gold have reignited demand and thus smuggling. Following the biggest seizure of smuggled gold earlier this year, The Guardian reports a 42-year-old-man, claiming to be a government official, was caught smuggling$15,000 of gold bars (hidden in his rectum) after police noted him "walking suspiciously."