Crude Slips As US Oil Rig Count Rises For First Time In 3 Months

The US Oil Rig Count rose 2 to 574 last week. This is the first rise in rig count since mid August, continuing to track the lagged crude price. On top of rising production, surging inventories, and massive excess supply at sea, Crude is fading modestly on the news, hovering around $40.50.

Is The Fed About To Become "Weather Dependent?" Goldman Says El Nino To Boost Winter Growth

There's been no shortage of discussion about the weather among economists this year as "snow in the winter" took the blame for a bevy of bad data in H1 while summer is Citi's new scapgoat for any weakness in August and September payrolls. Meanwhile, unseasonably mild temps took the fall for poor October retail sales and now, going into the winter, it's all about El Nino.

The 'Fed-Calmed' Canaries In The Coalmine Are Once Again Keeling Over

While the U.S. equity markets, until the last few days, seemed unconcerned about the prospects of the rate hike, the so called canaries in the coal mine are once again sending troubling signals, as the consequences of a reversal of Fed policy after 7 years of crisis management are significant, and the stresses are amplified as policy change looks likely to occur while most other central banks are taking the opposite monetary policy tact.

"We Arrested Some Folks" - How China "Fixed" Its Stock Market

“The authorities have arrested a lot of people, but we still don’t have a clear picture regarding the real reasons behind it. Sometimes we just tell ourselves that we don’t really need to know the truth, as long as the market goes up.”

In Duel With Valeant, Ackman; Is Judge David Carter The "New Jed Rakoff?"

In his rejection of an SEC settlement with Citigroup, Judge Jed Rakoff vowed to "see that the truth emerges." After presiding over the most high-profile insider trading cases since the crisis -- including Raj Rajaratnam and Rajit Gupta -- Judge Rakoff has come to symbolize the mantra that "nobody is above the law." In determining that Valeant and hedge fund manager Bill Ackman must face insider trading charges for their failed takeover of Allergan, U.S. District Judge David Carter may be the "new Rakoff."

The Bubble Finance Cycle - What Our Keynesian School Marm Doesn’t Get, Part 1

The world of Bubble Finance economies created by the Fed and other central banks is fundamentally different than that prevailing under the “Lite Touch” monetary policies which preceded the Greenspan era. The problem today is that the PhDs running the Fed have an economic model which is a relic of the Lite Touch era. It is not only utterly irrelevant in today’s casino driven system, but is actually tantamount to a blindfold. It causes them to look at a dashboard full of lagging indicators like jobs and GDP components, while ignoring the explosive leading indicators starring them in the face on CNBC. The clueless inhabitants of the Eccles Building do not recognize that they have created a world in which Wall Street supersedes main street.

A Warning For Bears: Gartman No Longer "Aggressively Bullish", Is "Forced To The Sidelines"

"We fear we have been bullish over the course of the past several weeksindeed rather aggressively so… and did not pay sufficient heed to the warning signs of lesser volume.  We are not wise enough to say that a bear market is now upon us, and indeed we are wise enough NOT to say that but discretion is the far better part of valor and the safety of the sidelines after several weeks of real bullishness on our part is to be sought."

- Dennis Gartman

Key Manufacturing Industry Crumbles To Post-Crisis Lows

The past few weeks have brought a resurgence of the deflation theme. All matters of commodities and their associated equities have, to varying degrees, resumed the selling pressure that has characterized much of the past 18 months. The aluminum industry is no exception. In fact, using the Dow Jones U.S. Aluminum Index as a gauge, aluminum stocks closed today at their lowest levels since April 2009.