Kolanovic Unveils His 2018 Outlook: The "Frogs Are Almost Boiled" So Start Hedging

... like a ‘frog being boiled’ tail risks may be realized with a significant delay and triggered by an unrelated catalyst. The tail risk could manifest itself with forced deleveraging of systematic strategies - options hedging/dynamical delta hedging, vol targeting, risk parity, trend following - disruptions to market liquidity, and failure of bonds to offset equity risk.

Concerned About Bitcoin Security? Try This...

"All of the recent crypto theft is making people question the security of Bitcoin and other digital currencies...But it’s important to remember, in these cases, 'Bitcoin' didn’t get hacked... it was the exchanges or marketplaces that got hacked."

"Everything's Great!"

TIMESTAMP: “there’s less to lose sleep about now than in a long time...”

FCC Votes To Repeal Obama-Era Net Neutrality Protections

Three weeks after introducing the plan, the FCC - in a 3-2 vote along party lines - has voted to repeal net neutrality rules adopted by the Obama administration in 2015, triggering a torrent of outraged backlash from consumers who view the decision as blatantly benefitting telecoms companies at the public's expense.