Stop The "Bloodshed": Trump Calls Truce With Fox News

For a few days, Fox News didn't know how to handle Donald Trump's "blood" comments about one of the network's favorite anchors. Then someone woke up and realized that if you're Fox, being boycotted by the GOP frontrunner simply isn't tenable.

Our Government, Destroyer Of Jobs

If our government can't destroy all the private-sector jobs directly, it will do so indirectly by borrowing so much money the system collapses.

8 Capital Markets 'Threats' To The Central Bank Narrative

The week's weakness started with the surprise yuan devaluation, but the moves in everythingfrom crude oil to U.S. government debt signal that investors and traders are telling the Fed to hold off for now. Will U.S. policymakers listen? Make no mistake: the Fed marches to its own data-dependent drum. These indicators will only tell you if the central bank has the right tempo to support markets.

Oil Stable Despite IEA Warning That Supply Glut Will Persist Well Into 2016

Oil prices are oscillating higher and lower this morning (likely helped by the collapsing dollar) despite a report from The IEA that the global oil glut will persist well into 2016. As The FT reports, global oil supplies are still growing at 'breakneck speed' and outstripped consumption in the second quarter by 3m barrels a day, the most since 1998, rather ominously concluding, "while a rebalancing has clearly begun, the process is likely to be prolonged."

Greece Isn't Fixed... By A Long Way

The bail out is a cynical ruse, not to benefit Greece as a whole, but to benefit the banks and other creditors (the ECB and the IMF) who should take their medicine and move on. The one thing keeping the whole blighted euro project in place is an arrogant denial of the facts. A loss of political face now is a small price to pay for a much better outcome that will disadvantage far fewer people than the disorganised chaos into which Euroland will descend if the current bunch of lunatics are not put back in the asylum. Is this a Europe we want to be part of?

How China Trades US Treasurys When It Wages Currency War

Ever wondered how a nation wages a currency war? As Reuters reports, Chinese state-owned banks were selling dollars on behalf of the central bank to stabilize the yuan around 6.43 against the dollar on Wednesday, foreign exchange traders in Shanghai said, as the devaluation collapse got a little out of hand. This follows wholesale dollar-asset buying to weaken the Yuan. But that leaves the question, how did they get the dollars? As the chart below shows, by trading Treasuries...

Why Were Corn Traders Just Crushed?

Corn (and soybeans) are plunging, limit down on CBOT following data from the August WASDE report. The USDA unexpectedly raised output estimates for corn stocks and production dramatically higher than expected. This in and of itself would send corn prices lower but the significance of the shift is likely exaggerated by the fact that satellite imagery had suggested signficantly worse crop conditions ahead. One wonders who will be right?

Treasury Longs Beware: Gartman Is About To Be Stopped Out Of His 10Y Short

"We were convinced that a top has been formed over the course of the last several months and we were willing to be short but the Chinese devaluation has wrought havoc upon us, catching us and everyone else out. As we write, the September t-note future is trading 128 ¼ and that is ¼ point above our “close only” stop."

Blood On The European Streets As EUR-Yuan Carry Unwinds Crush Stocks

EURCNH was among the most popular carry trades - a stable long leg and central bank sponsored weakness in the sell leg. That is why, now that The PBOC has peed in the punchbowl, all that easy money carry has been forced to unwind as volatility forces traders to buy EUR and sell CNH en masse, shuttering the carry-funded trades as they go. No where is that more clearly visible than the plunge in European stocks.

Dong Unleashed: Vietnam Preserves Currency Shrinkage With Wider Trading Channel

Many years ago, we said that the real comedy in the world of FX won't start until Vietnam start devaluing its currency. And even as Vietnam decided to slash its Dong on numerous occasions over the years we were looking forward to all the amusement the Asian country, once engaged in physical war with the US would provide us in its response to the just launched FX war with China, in order to preserve its currency's ongoing shrinkage. We got the answer overnight when Vietnam announced it would widen the dong’s trading band on Wednesday to further weaken the Dong in response to the comparable shrinkage by China, its biggest trading partner.

Dow Gives Up Post-QE3 Gains, S&P Breaks Below Key Technical Support

The S&P 500 has once again broken, rather aggressively, below its 200-day moving average and is headed close to unchanged for 2015. The Dow has tumbled 1200 points from its highs and has now broken below the level at the end of QE3... we are gonna need a bigger Fed Balance Sheet...

DAX Crashes After Germany Warns Greek Bailout "Insufficient"

With the Greek bailout deal now nearly done, all that stands in the way of disbursal is the Greek parliamnent and a predictably incalcitrant Germany which, according to Bild (citing EU sources) has now determined that the new bailout plan is "insufficient."

10 Year Yields Plunge: A Very Confused Wall Street Tries To Predict What Happens Next

There was some serious fireworks in the Treasury market overnight, and especially just before the PBOC decided to intervene in the market not once but twice to undo at least some of the devaluation it caused earlier in the trading session. In fact, at one point the yield on the 10Y tumbled as low at 2.05% before levitating higher courtesy of Beijing (which may well have dumped some TSYs just at that moment to prop up the CNY), even as across the pond Germany's 2 Year bond dropped to a fresh record low. So what happens next? Well, it's not like the sellside is very useful in actually providing actionable advice when something not in the script happens, but for the record here, courtesy of Bloomberg, is what the 'experts' are saying.