German 2Y Yield Plunges To Record -0.95%: Citi Explains Why It Will Keep Dropping

With the German Schatz plunging to a record -0.85%, Citi analysts write that the German 2Y yield will likely make new historic lows, no matter what happens in French politics, because the ECB needs to buy around EU80b 1-6y Germany by year-end, and as a result traders will keep frontrunning ECB purchases, pushing the Schatz well below -1.00%

Trader: "The Next Market Phase May Be Dominated By Genuine Disappointment"

"U.S. equities make records weekly but the next stage is surely going to be de-risking and deleveraging, meaning a correction is likely. When it comes to financial markets trading the promises of the then-incoming U.S. administration, the end of 2016 was dominated by unrealistic hopes. The next phase may be dominated by genuine disappointment upon realizing the future is at the pessimistic extreme of the potential spectrum."

How Does A Stock Market Operate In War? Syria - A Case Study

Despite enduring more than half a decade of conflict leaving an estimated 400,000 dead and 11.4 million displaced, Syria retains an active stock market. In fact, last year was the Damascus Securities Exchange's busiest on record.

In A Battle Between Trump And The Federal Reserve, Who Really Wins?

The U.S. economy and the dollar are slated for a controlled demolition.  The Fed will do everything in its power to prod Trump and conservatives into war with the central bank, because the Fed is now ready to sacrifice itself and the dollar’s world reserve status in order to clear a path for a new global system and ideology. The Federal Reserve is a suicide bomber.

The Road To Hell Was Paved With Obama Cronyism

It is absolutely imperative to see Trump as a symptom of a sick and broken system as opposed to the root cause of anything. The corporate media and legions of mourning Hillary cultists continue to present the Trump threat in extraordinarily simplistic and unhelpful terms. They act as if he’s the head of some evil snake, and that disposing of him as an individual will get America back on track. This couldn’t be more wrong.

Giant Japanese Conglomerate Flash-Crashes 20% At Open

Tosoh Corporation, the giant Japanese petrochemical conglomerate, collapsed over 20% to below JPY800 shortly after the Japanese open, on volume eleven times average as traders scrambled to find out the catalyst. There was no news of course - just another flash-crash in a world of limited liquidity at the margin (where a small options-arb fund can drive the US equity market for a week).

Google Sues Uber For Stealing Self-Driving Car "Secret Recipe"

It's been a tough few weeks for Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. After the #DeleteUber liberal backlash, and having caved to leftists by quitting Trump's advisory council, his company faces investigation and has seen dozens quit this week after sexual harassment allegations. However, things just got turned up to '11' as Alphabet's self-driving car business, Waymo, has sued Uber for stealing trade secrets in the development of autonomous cars.

When Was America's Peak Wealth?

"...was America at its richest right before or right after Nixon took the country off the gold standard in 1971?"