Special Counsel Mueller Now Probing Kushner's Contacts With Israeli Officials During Transition, WSJ

In a startling illustration of just how expansive Mueller's investigation of the Trump administration has become, the Wall Street Journal now reports that the Special Counsel's team is looking into meetings that Jared Kushner may have conducted with Israeli officials in the days leading up to an important U.N. vote on the construction of settlements in disputed territories on December 23, 2016.

Mike Krieger Warns "The Generational Wheels Are Turning"

"Ignorance is not bliss, and I believe a deep appreciation about how completely broken and opaque the current way of doing things is can provide the spark of inspiration and determination necessary to create a new and much better world..."

Running "The Program"

"As the dips keep getting shallower and shallower and market projections get more bullish by the day, the running volatility compression program continues to be the cornerstone of market gains..."

Gartman Covers His Short

"We are short of a small, token position in US equities and we are wrong by less than 1% at this point... it is best that we cover our position as soon as possible and with that very small loss taken hove to the  sidelines to watch and wait.

WTI Tops $57 After Biggest Crude Draw In 3 Months

WTI/RBOB bounced today in anticipation of a reversal of the last two week's builds in crude inventories, and bulls were not disappointed by the API print.  Jan '18 WTI pushed above $57 but RBOB fell after a big crude draw (though gasoline build).

Meg Whitman Out As CEO Of HP Enterprise, Stock Tumbles

HP Enterprise announced that long-time CEO Meg Whitman is stepping down effective February 1, 2018. And now we look forward to her entry in the 2020 presidential race, although it is not clear if she will run as a democrat or republican.