These Are The 30 Biggest Risks Facing Markets In 2018

According to Deutsche Bank, there are no less than 30 risks investors should beware in the coming year, ranging from a market correction to a reversal of Brexit to Irish presidential elections, to a "Bitcoin crash," rising inflation, danger from North Korea, the results from Robert Mueller's probe, and many more...

No Risk Of Recession?

"Whether it is a mild, or 'massive', recession will make little difference to individuals as the net destruction of personal wealth will be just as damaging. Such is the nature of recessions on the financial markets."

Bank of America: "We've Seen This Movie Before: It Ends With A Recession"

"We've seen this movie before and it typically ends with a flat or inverted yield curve. Based on history (and gravity), we think the most likely path forward is that the 2y10y spread reaches zero or inverts sometime over the next year or so and that recession of some kind follows in 2020 or 2021."

The Seven Questions Goldman's Clients Have About "Rational Exuberance"

While most of Goldman's clients agree with the firm's bullish 2018 S&P forecast - of course they do: it is Goldman's job to tell them what they want to hear - they have questioned several of David Kostin "Rational Exuberance" views. Below the bank addresses the seven most common investor questions.

California Governor Warns Of "Grim Future" As Fires Spring Back To Life

After destroying hundreds of buildings and forcing the evacuations of more than 200,000 people, the seven discrete wildfires ravaging Southern California finally receded over the weekend as the powerful Santa Ana winds that had fanned the flames earlier in the week died down...