South Korea Braces For Terrorism At The 2018 Winter Games

It’s difficult not to empathize with South Korea right now: The country is preparing to host the Pyeongchang winter games in February – a moment of immense national pride – as the risks of a terrorist attack (not to mention nuclear annihilation) have intensified.

America's Painful Self-Delusion

"For most of us Americans, resolving our cognitive dissonance would mean either accepting that we’re impotent and living futile (and feudal) lives, or rejecting our lifestyles and actively fighting the rot in the system. If we’re not willing to do either of those, the dissonance stays – and eats at us."

Bitcoin Surges To New Record High, Ethereum Slides

Despite record bubble heights, hoards of futures shorts ready to pounce, funding ISIS, and being a "highly speculative asset," it appears the world's citizens are willing to place some assets in the safety of a decentralized, non-fiat asset. Bitcoin is surging once again as Asia opens, to new record highs at $17,661. Ethereum appears to be taking the brunt of the rotation.

In A Stateless World, Can You Grow Veggies In Your Front Yard?

That’s what government does – interferes in people’s lives,Ricketts said. “We had that garden for 17 years. We ate fresh meals every day from that garden. Since the village stepped its big foot in it, they have ruined our garden and my health.”

The 'Unknown Unknowns' That Threaten U.S. Shale

Those 'known unknowns' serve as a warning: the oil market can’t be complacent and just assume that the Permian boom will deliver as expected... The Wolfcamp may be the star of the Permian but "there are more than likely 'unknown unknowns' out there too."