A Gold Guy's View Of Crypto, Bitcoin, And Blockchain

"It is my view that once political elites realize the true threat cryptocurrency poses to their control, they will do everything in their power to delay, derail, and destroy it... Believers in honest money have known this for millenia."

WTI/RBOB Higher After Surprisingly Large Crude Draw

WTI/RBOB tumbled today after fears about cracks in one of the world's most important oil pipelines faded. Prices were below last week's pre-API levels as hope was high that last week's big surprise product build was a fluke but once again we saw notable product builds, but prices popped higher as a 7.382mm crude draw was much bigger than expected.

John Burbank Shuts Flagship Hedge Fund, Plans Launch Of Cryptocurrency Unit

After months of plunging asset, John Burbank has finally called it a day and in a letter to investors announced he is shuttering his flagship hedge fund, but not before leaving a small hail mary loophole: as his last act, Burbank is hoping to launch a fund that invests in, drumroll: cryptocurrencies.