Harvey's Hubris & Hollywood's Halloween House Of Horrors

"Harvey’s story is an old one: hubris. He was too intoxicated with his own role as goddess-maker to recognize the dangers of fooling around in his own workshop... The other gnomes, elves, manufactured gods and goddesses in the Hollywood workshop only piled onto him when they thought it was safe (for their careers) to do so..."

"I'm Going To Work Until I Die": A Look At How Unprepared Boomers Are For Retirement

"The federal government’s unfunded 75-year liability for Social Security and Medicare combined is $46.7 trillion.  Americans aren’t saving enough for themselves, nor is the government saving on their behalf.  And the Millennial generation, whose taxes Boomers and Gen-Xers will depend on, is not exactly off to a great career start."

The One Way Governments Could Actually Kill Bitcoin...

"Any attempt to get rid of Bitcoin would be about as successful as preventing people from smoking weed or pirating the latest Game of Thrones episode... But... Uncle Sam does have one weapon... one way they could potentially disrupt Bitcoin..."

Should The Middle Class Pay More For A Loaf Of Bread Than The Poor?

"The Iowa plan may capture millennials, but because of the screw job on the wealthy, those making over 400% of the poverty rate will drop out... Effectively the state said if you can afford to pay more you must pay more. Imagine grocery stores charging $15 for a loaf of bread if you make $48,241 but only 48 cents if you make up to $18,090... The idea is preposterous."

10Y Spikes Over 3.00% Or Copper Crashes - What Happens Next?

The spread between 10Y Treasury yields and the ratio of copper-to-gold has never been wider as the former signals recessionary economics (flattest curve since 2007) and the latter reflationary recovery (highest in 3 years)... so who is right?

This Could Be A Problem For Markets

Should John Taylor become Fed chair, it could be a substantial problem for risk assets because according to the Taylor Rule, the estimated Fed Funds rate should be not at 1.25% where it currently is but... 5.7%!

Investors Are Ignoring The Evidence At Their Peril

"Exuberance and confidence are at the highest levels on record, but the underlying stories are beginning to weave a tale of an economy that is very late in the current cycle... Importantly, these are not short-term stories either. The long-term picture for the economy and the markets from the three biggest factors (Debt, Deflation, and Demographics) continues to build."

Sears Crashes After Second Largest Shareholder Resigns From Board

Sears stock crashed 12%, on track for its worst close in 8 months, following news that Bruce Berkowitz, CIO of of Fairholme Capital Management and the company's second largest shareholder after Eddie Lampert, was stepping down from its board of directors at the end of the month.

One Trader Warns: "Don't Confuse Risk-Asset-Buying With Calm"

"... when all other analysis seems to have failed, there’s this curious yet understandable, belief that God will provide... After all, what else sensibly explains the unceasing rewards from the accumulation of risky assets, despite serial reminders that all may not be as copacetic as the price levels insist is the case."