Bank of America: "We've Seen This Movie Before: It Ends With A Recession"

"We've seen this movie before and it typically ends with a flat or inverted yield curve. Based on history (and gravity), we think the most likely path forward is that the 2y10y spread reaches zero or inverts sometime over the next year or so and that recession of some kind follows in 2020 or 2021."

The Seven Questions Goldman's Clients Have About "Rational Exuberance"

While most of Goldman's clients agree with the firm's bullish 2018 S&P forecast - of course they do: it is Goldman's job to tell them what they want to hear - they have questioned several of David Kostin "Rational Exuberance" views. Below the bank addresses the seven most common investor questions.

California Governor Warns Of "Grim Future" As Fires Spring Back To Life

After destroying hundreds of buildings and forcing the evacuations of more than 200,000 people, the seven discrete wildfires ravaging Southern California finally receded over the weekend as the powerful Santa Ana winds that had fanned the flames earlier in the week died down...

Plasma For Pay: Broke Millennials Sell Blood Just To Survive

There is no doubt, in a period where burdensome student loans and wage stagnation are crushing the hopes of achieving the American dream while living in their parents’ basements, the millennial generation is struggling to survive...

Strzok-Gate And The Mueller Cover-Up

If no evidence either of a criminal conspiracy or of inappropriate secret contacts by the Trump campaign and the Russians has been found after eighteen months of intense investigation by the biggest and mightiest national security and intelligence community on the planet, then any reasonable person would conclude that that must be because no such evidence exists.  Why then is the investigation still continuing?

These 8 Places Around The World Are Actively Preparing For Nuclear War

Everywhere, it seems like officials are actively preparing for the possibility of nuclear war. Tensions are high in practically every corner of the world but somehow, despite the proliferation of imminent threats, many people are still blithely unaware of the hell that could be unleashed.

WaPo Reporter Tweets Picture Of Empty Trump Speech, Gets Called Out By Trump And Retracts

WaPo: where Fake News thrives in darkness?

Here's How Much Retirees Are Spending To Support Their Adult Kids

At one point in time in America, living at home with mom and dad after crossing out of your teenage years and into your 20s was embarrassing and something that was generally avoided at all costs. But, these days millennials seem to be embracing the free room and board provided by their parents more and's how much it's costing them...