Draghi Doesn't See "Bubbles" - Let Me Show You Some

"Ask yourself a question: On the day the ECB stops buying, which of you would buy peripheral or European bonds at these prices? Clearly, the first sign of a bubble is the absence of demand in the secondary that offsets the impact of the ECB..."

Schaeffler Crashes After Unexpected Profit Warning, Drags European Autos

The recent sharp slowdown in US auto sales has claimed an unexpected victim: one of Germany's biggest auto suppliers, Schaeffler, which overnight slashed it earnings guidance for 2017, cutting its full year adjusted EBIT margin to 11%-12% from 12%-13% due to "substantially lower 2Q earnings" and "price pressures in the OEM business", and sending Schaeffler stock crashing as much as 14% after the Frankfurt open, its biggest decline since its October 2015 IPO.

Prada Is Selling A $185 Paper Clip

Confirming that the pain for the retail sector may be finally coming to an end, Prada is now selling a $185 paper clip. Sold by Barneys, the Italian-made clip is 6.25 centimeters in length and 2.25 centimeters in width and made from silver.

What Is An Algorithm?

In the modern world, algorithms do much of the digital heavy lifting... In short, society couldn’t function as-is without algorithms – and as we lean on them to run more things, it becomes more important for us to learn what they are and what they do...

America Is On Its Way To Divorce Court

"Our politics today is descending into a bitter spiral of contempt... the attack on Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and his colleagues should serve as a wake-up call that the demonization of our fellow Americans who disagree with us has gone too far..."