Yield Curve Spikes As Trump Unveils Infrastructure Plan

Treasuries are seeing one of the biggest curve steepenings of the year following news that President Trump plans to keep pushing his legislative agenda in 2018 by releasing his long-promised infrastructure plan in early January, a senior administration official said.

Philly Soda Tax Continues To 'Disappoint'

The City of Philadelphia's tax collections from its controversial tax on sweetened beverages are continuing to fall well short of the levels that the city's politicians desired.

Earnings Don't Matter After All!

"...earnings no longer reliably reflect changes in corporate value and are thus an inadequate driver of investment analysis..."

Cable Spikes After European Court Of Justice Agreement

The chaotic trading in cable continues, this time spiking to the upside after Bloomberg reports that the EU and U.K. have reached an agreement on the sensitive issue of the role of the European Court of Justice after Brexit, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Are Repos Signaling A Massive Bond Short Ahead Of Payrolls?

It's been a few months since we saw any major dislocations in the Treasury repo market, i.e., collateral shortages as a result of surging TSY shorts... However, the peace and quiet quiet in the repo market was shattered this week...