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Archive - Jun 20, 2009

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Treasuries Still At Negative Repo Rates

Lots of queries lately as to why 10 years (and other bonds on the curve) are still at markedly negative repo rates: i.e. the phenomenon of negative interest for lenders. This is an interesting topic which I will touch on again soon, especially with recently implemented 300 bps fees for delivery fails. Across The Curve has discussed this issue recently and I point to his post for a good primer.


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Saturday Readings

  • Steve Jobs had a liver transplant 2 months ago (WSJ)
  • Iran's political turmoil creates dilemma for Obama at home and overseas (Bloomberg)
  • Cutting the Gordian Knot of GE Theory (AxiomaticEconomics)
  • The Plaza stirs with 30 For Sale listings for a total of $250 million (

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