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Chrysler Supreme Court Stay Application

The Indiana Pensioners' Supreme Court Stay Appeal presented below. Oddly, on page 6 the Indiana Pension Funds have for the first time noted that their first lien holdings are $100 million, whereas in all prior disclosures they noted it was $42 million. Does this number include the Oppenheimer face holdings? Otherwise it seems like a rookie clerical error that will not help their case. Alternatively, Indiana Pensioners have been purchasing Chrysler first lien debt in the open market.


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Sunday Readings

  • Gordon Brown repeats vow not to go away (Telegraph)
  • Airline execs say industry outlook still grim (Reuters)
  • Extreme dumb money bullish sentiment (Technical Take)
  • Blackrock set to become largest quant fund in th

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Goldman Now Dominating Dark Pool Trading; Who Is Sigma X?

The last time I discussed dark pools, it was in the context of SEC regulation due to the increasing sense of opacity of what happens in this subset of the stock market.


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Indiana Pension Funds Submit Stay Request To US Supreme Court

WSJ reporting that the White & Case windmill chase is to be finally decided, likely in less than 48 hours, and by none other than Bill Clinton nominee and recent cancer survivor Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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