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Late Labor Links

  • Ron Paul: End The Fed (Ludwig Von Mises Institute)
  • Evans-Pritchard doubleheader: Does the world have the courage to deal with its debts (Telegraph) and China, Bernanke, and the price of gold (Telegraph, h/t Steve)
  • Gold advances to $1,000 an ounce as Bernanke dances on dollar's grave (Bloomberg)
  • "Everyone is guilty" of aid means U.S. WTO wins may be harder (Bloomberg)
  • Russia oil production overtakes Saudi Arabia (Global Research, h/t Washington)
  • Syringe stabbings roil China as ethnic tensions rise (Bloomberg)

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The market's upward momentum this year has hordes of investors still looking for opportunities with good entry points. With crude prices hovering around the $70/bbl range, even with reduced demand, oilfield services remains one of the more promising sectors still with room to grow.

Radio Zero: Beginning of the French Work Week

And what better way to kick off the short work week than the forced administration of productivity killing legislation and strong (but voluntary) dose of Radio Zero?

Let's call it 8:30 (ish) ET.  URL unveiled here with great fanfare 15 min before (or so).

Till then, requests, legislative markup, stories of a lack of productivity all welcome via AIM here: radiozh

Update: Get your French Workweek on:

Update 2: Radio Zero is on EFNet!  #radiozh



Activist Funds In Momo Clothing (And Soon To Be, Returns)

...At least for marketing purposes. It appears Fund of Funds are staging a come back. And investing in momentum funds. Yes, you read that right. Investors are willing to pay someone 2 and 20 to heatmap stocks for them, and there is an extra 0.5 in there somewhere if the heatmapping occurs at exactly 3:30pm each and every day. Which is why Zero Hedge dug through its archives, with the goal of reminding its readers just what a seemingly great idea activist funds were as recently as 3 years ago: so good in fact, that UBS had dedicated an entire fund for the sake of chasing Activist returns. We challenge readers to go through the roster of investees and to tell us how many of the highlighted funds are still in operations. (We would go so far as to add Barry Rosenstein's Jana to the list of "not-so-YTD-ourperformers").

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The thinking of the so-called gold bug often takes on a variation of this form: While in the bunker (or any other variance of the “world-falling-apart” scenario), you cannot pay for food with paper money or a stock or bond certificate.