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August 22nd

How The US Deep State Accidentally Forged A Multipolar World Order

"The stronger the pressure of the deep state on the multipolar powers, the greater the speed with which the advance of the multipolar world will replace the unipolar one. Early effects will appear in the economic sphere, particularly in relation to movement towards de-dollarisation, which may mark the beginning of a long-awaited change..."

Schlichter: "Normal Americans Are Bored By The Fake Drama"

"The establishment’s tactic is to paint anyone they dislike as Nazis and any ideas its members oppose as hate speech...The media is running with it...Even after a week, CNN is still quivering and writhing in an earth-shattering Nazigasm."

August 22nd

The Imperial Collapse Clock Ticks Closer To Midnight

"...Trump has been totally brought to heel, a fact that’ll become increasingly crystal clear in the months ahead. This is now your standard Wall Street and military-industrial complex run Presidency..."

Freedom For The Speech We Hate: The Legal Ins & Outs Of The Right To Protest

"Instead of encouraging people to debate issues and air their views, by muzzling free speech, we are contributing to a growing underclass of Americans who are being told that they can’t take part in American public life unless they 'fit in'... This attempt to stifle certain forms of speech is where we go wrong."

The Problem Is Bigger Than Trump And Obama: Should The One-Man Presidency Be Abolished?

The Founding Fathers "were not nearly as insightful as is often pretended." Not everyone was fooled at the Convention, including George Mason who correctly noted: "If strong and extensive powers are vested in the executive, and that executive consists only of one person, the government will of course degenerate  into a monarchy..."