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October 31st

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At 8PM EST tonight the EUR/USD cross sold off 80pips in seconds only to rebound 60pips. Is this another mini flash crash causing ripples through the fx markets with HFT's going haywire? DXY spiked to 77.30. At what point are market regulators going to realize this gambling house is broken and there is no longer any creditability in capital markets?

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The country’s largest ever IPO is a blowout success. Tapping into the Chinese steel industry’s insatiable demand for metallurgical coal. Global investors starved for new, unexploited emerging market plays are pouring in. Mongolia is poised to become the fifth leading gold producer. What are the world’s biggest unexploited coal reserves and the richest untapped copper deposit worth in this superheated market? Are these the early stages of a bubble?

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The Commitment of Traders Report is created by the CFTC – The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is published weekly every Friday. This body gathers and publishes the open futures positions on all publicly traded US futures contracts as well as the corresponding options. The data consists of 3 main categories.

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The Apple Event Horizon

The fact that robots are POMO juicing AAPL's shares and Google also has grand designs on the mobile/smart phone space, shouldn't detract from one simple fact, Apple designs and manufactures great products many of which happen to be game changers.

October 30th

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Democrats--"sadly enough"--would get a shot at still retaining the majority, which would mean the monetary and fiscal policy will most likely stay on its current course. Meanwhile, the 0.25% interest rate hike effective Oct. 20 by the PBoC is "meaningless," because of skyrocketing property prices, and the cost of living inflation has gone up much more than the official figure.