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Until I began to examine the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul bill I had no idea that it would so significantly change the direction of the United States. It's scope is so vast and pervasive that it is difficult to grasp its totality. I wrote this article to try to explain this and why I believe it is so important for us to understand it. Because of its complexity it was not possible to do this briefly, so I wrote this major "white paper" and divided it into four parts to make it easier to digest. Please stick with me for the next four days; your eyes will be opened.

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A decade from now, it will not be stock investors complaining about a lost decade, but owners of bonds. Is the final blow off top in the great 30 bull market in bonds at hand? PIMCO’s Mohamed E-Erian says that there is a 25% chance of real deflation hitting the US. The higher bonds go, the more imaginative the explanations become as to why it should continue. (TBT), (TMV)

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Markets in a Flash

· The JPY continues to look strong today. The JPY/USD continues its trend and is making new highs.

· The EUR/USD is trading just above the 1.3000 level. It has bounced of the resistance today and may possible go through as people abandon risk for the greenback.

· US equity futures are lower by over -1.0% this morning following the fall in worldwide markets.