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It’s just a matter of time before global buying of the grains spills over into the sugar market. Should you be buying the world’s worst performing asset? New shortages are looming on the horizon. The US Department of Agriculture claims our stockpiles are at a 40 year nadir. China is developing a sweet tooth. (SGG), (CZZ).

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Markets in a Flash

· The USD is looking weak this morning as China see’s problems with US recovery.

· The JPY has started to look slightly stronger in the past few hours and is gaining against the USD and the EUR.

· US equity futures are lower today suggesting the selloff will continue when the markets open.

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The tide is suddenly heading out to sea for aspiring hedge fund traders. A torrent of talent pouring into the marketplace fleeing the onerous restrictions of FinReg. Hedge funds, have crimped new hiring, their own modest first half returns keeping new investors at bay. Could we be setting up for a bonus draught like the one we saw in 2008?