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With the current terribly low yield, it is hard to justify putting one’s hard-earned money into the U.S. Treasury. In fact, forget about the China property bubble that everyone seems to be losing sleep over, the global bond market is truly screaming for an imminent burst.

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Those hardware vendors that have adopted Android are experience monumental growth, eclipsing the growth rate of the previous smart phone champ, Apple. As software vendors take note, expect to see massive strides in the Android ecosystem. Will this be the first time in the history of consumer technology that an opens source, free platform dominates telecom, media, and data? Who will profit the most from this?

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Markets in a Flash

· The EUR is starting to push higher this morning and is gaining against the USD, JPY and GBP.

· US equity futures are higher this morning following the European advance and indicating a rise in equity prices at the bell.

· Oil is trading over +1% higher this morning and is above $86.00. Gold is continuing to rise slowly and is at around $1230.00.

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Until I began to examine the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul bill I had no idea that it would so significantly change the direction of the United States. It's scope is so vast and pervasive that it is difficult to grasp its totality. I wrote this article to try to explain this and why I believe it is so important for us to understand it. This is the final part of this four part series. I examine the consequences of Dodd-Frank.