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August 24th

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The 10 year T-Note is currently yielding 2.5%, and the fed`s latest quantitative easing initiative is becoming counterproductive to their stated purpose of trying to stimulate the economy by encouraging more risk taking. The issue is that Mr. Ben Bernanke and the Fed governors although great academicians have failed to take account for how traders and financial markets impact and take advantage of Fed policy.

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While housing prices are expected to continue declining near-term due to uptick in foreclosures, we expect the significant amount of investment capital which has been pulled from equities and currently sits in Treasuries and/or money markets will become redeployed into the housing market in 2011 which will therefore begin clearing supply of houses available and put a bottom under housing prices especially at the low-end of the market.

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We often hear figures about the 90% (or even more) that lose money on a consist basis. It’s a ‘fact’ often quoted by gurus and a common belief held by traders. The question for professional traders then becomes how do we benefit from this landslide of people on the wrong side of a trade?

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It sits on a staggering $30 billion of cash worth $95 a share, and annually generates another $27 in free cash flow. While it may be a one trick pony, with 97% of its revenues coming from search, that’s not a problem if the equine’s name is Seabiscuit, with a 70% global market share. A turnaround at YouTube. (GOOG), (BIDU).

August 23rd