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December 31st

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The Fed's Inflation Will Crush Emerging Markets

The Fed's inflationary policies will damage Emerging Markets... not push them higher.


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Cliff Deal - Winners and Losers

-If you’re employed, you’re a loser.


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My Most Notorious Articles For The Year 2012: A Lot Of Hate & Controversy, But No Shortage Of Truth!

You may not have agreed with everything that I said, nor may you have particularly liked it (many hated it) but for the most part the more controversial stuff proved to be rather prescient. 


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HaPPY ZeRo HeDGe NeW YeaR!: PaRTY LiKe IT'S 1929...

Another Banzai7 holiday tradition...


December 30th

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"With the slightest disturbance, the dream is going to collapse."--Inception


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Pity the Payrollers - America's Unsung Heros of the Fiscal Cliff.

It will be natural to sing the praises of our elected leadership after they have hammered out their deal to raise taxes in order to avert the crisis.  To recall that raising taxes is ever always the solution will be just as easy as to forget to honor the unsung heroes of the fiscal cliff - the software people that maintain America's payroll systems.


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On Krugman's Epiphany


Maybe I should get a Nobel, that, or maybe PK shouldn't have one…..


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The Year That Was 2012

Econophile's take on the 7 most important economic events of 2012 and why they will impact 2013 and beyond. This is not what the MSM will tell you.


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The New Era of Oil Renaissance


How does $45 a barrel oil and $2 a gallon gas sound?  Expect $45 oil in the future of this renaissance.



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Big Picture Thinkers And Silver

You truly have to be mentally challenged if you follow the gold/silver market action and cannot appreciate something is very amiss, as per the confused Mitsui gold people, as brought to your attention the other day.


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More Evidence That Google Is Already The New Microsoft, and Android Is The New Windows (To YOUR OWN Information)

Watch as it is clearly demonstrated how a Galaxy Note 2 (Android) serves as a complete replacement for a desktop PC... and to think that many believe this is a race with Apple, a vendor of trendy mobile trinkets! Investment is more than just spreadsheets and numbers!


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Only from Banzai7 News...


December 29th

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Is another California housing bubble possible?

California home prices experienced a big surge in 2012. This might fly in the face of stagnant household incomes but the incredible push for lower interest rates and reliance on low down payment FHA insured loans has brought many people off the fence. In Southern California home sales are up by 14 percent over the last year and the median price is now up by 16 percent. The median price is largely being pushed by the mix of home sales. Distressed properties are making up a smaller pool of sales. With low inventory, you have regular home buyers competing also with house flippers, big Wall Street buyers, and foreign money with limited supply on the market. The result has been to push home prices much higher making it more difficult for middle class families to afford a home. As we approach the end of 2012, let us look at the data for Southern California.


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Oil & Gasoline Markets End 2012 with Swollen Inventory Levels

Even if the US economy really takes off in 2013, don`t look for oil and gasoline demand to overtake supply in the equation.

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