November 25th, 2015

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Gold Market Goes Quiet - Do We Hear The Echo Of The Bottom?

“From the mass psychology perspective, Gold is very close to putting in a bottom.  Sentiment investors, contrarian investors and investors who are familiar with the concept of mass psychology should consider taking a closer look at the precious metal’s sector now”.


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CEO Of Brazil's "Goldman Sachs" Is Arrested

Here is a sight that will never be seen in the US: the CEO of the country's largest investment bank arrested and perp walked after accusation we was part of the nation's largest corruption scandal.


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Atlanta Fed Slashes Q4 GDP Forecast

Just when you thought it was safe to hike rates, The Atlanta Fed takes an ax to its Q4 GDP forecast, smashing it to cycle lows following this morning's unexpected weakness in consumer spending.


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President Obama Explains Why Americans Should Keep Calm & Spend Amid Global Terror Alert - Live Feed

With Americans facing a day of travel and giving thanks tomorrow, President Obama is set to make a statement we presume urging everyone to get out and spend... but be more alert to bad guys...


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Unexpected Surge In Auction Demand For 7 Year Treasury

The 2 Year auction was strong, the 5 Year auction yesterday was mixed, but one word can best describe demand for today's issuance for "curve belly" 7 Year paper: blistering.


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Year-End Squeeze Begins As Predicted - "Most Shorted" Stocks Up 10x The Market This Week

The S&P 500 is up 0.44% in the last three days, a solid return for the buy-and-hold'ers thinking about long-term appreciation. However, under the covers of that move is, just as we predicted, a massive and accelerating short-squeeze is underway, dragging the "Most Shorted" stocks up 4.65% since Friday's open as investors bet increasingly on central-bank-inspired expectations that hedge fund blow ups will force domino-like, sequential short squeezes.


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The Looming Land Of The Not-So-Free: 40% Of Millennials Would Censor Offensive Speech

America: Land of the free and future home of censorship? A new study by Pew Research shows that American Millennials are far more likely to support the government banning offensive speech about minority groups than other generations.


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Is Turkey Lying: Rescued Russian Pilot Says There Was No Warning Before F-16 Opened Fire

"There were no warnings. Not via the radio, not visually. There was no contact whatsoever. That's why we were keeping our combat course as usual. You have to understand what the cruising speed of a bomber is compared to an F-16. If they wanted to warn us, they could have shown themselves by heading on a parallel course. But there was nothing. And the rocket hit our tail completely unexpectedly. We didn't even see it in time to take evasive maneuvres."


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This Is China's Middle Finger For The Global Economy

The US is on its own and monetary expansion seems the only Holy Grail left...


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ISIS Reveals Picture Of Suicide Bomber Who Killed A Dozen In Tuesday Attack On Tunisian Capital

"This (bus bombing) is an evolution in the behavior of the terrorists, this time they attacked a symbol of the state and in the heart of the capital."


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WTI Holds Losses After DOE Confirms Large Cushing Inventory Build Despite Crude Production Cut

Confirming API's data overnight, DOE reports a build in overall crude inventory (961k barrels - less than API) foro the 9th week in a row but more worryingly a significant build in Cushing inventories (+1.74mm barrels) for the 3rd week in a row. This 'bearish' shift is offset for now by the biggest drop in overall crude production in 7 weeks.


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New Home Sales Miss As Median Price Drops To Lowest In 13 Months

As the chart below shows, new home construction has plateaued and has been in decline ever since February of 2015 when it posted its post-recession peak of 545K. But what is more troubling is that the median price of new homes tumbled from 307,800 in September, or the highest in the series history to just $281,500, the lowest in 13 months!


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Steen Jakobsen Warns "First It Will Get Worse..."

The world is changing in so many ways which is ignored by markets and commentators. The Paris event is yet another wake up call for the markets on geopolitical risk, for the under-investment in education and basic research, but most importantly for how we continue to ignore facts. First it will get worse... we are simply not prepared for geopolitical risk to matter for markets neither are we yet willing.


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Consumer Confidence Is Plunging (& Soaring) As Democrats, Full-Time Workers Comfort Collapses

In the face of a collapse in the conference board confidence and ongoing weakness in Bloomberg's consumer comfort index, UMich confidence rose on the month to 91.3 (despite fading from its flash 93.1 print). While baffle 'em with bullshit continues, we note that Democrats and full-time workers confidence is lowest in at least a year.


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US Services Economy Surges To 7-Month Highs (As Manufacturing Hits 2 Year Low)

Following US Manufacturing PMI's tumble to two year lows, amid slowing new orders and employment, Markit reports that US Services PMI rose to 56.5 - its highest since April. Amid a solid increase in job creation (low-paying compared to the job weakness in manufacturing) and improvement in business growth, the divergence between Services & Manufacturing is at its highest since Q3 2013 which presaged a complete collapse in Services.

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