June 23rd, 2016

State Department Disabled Security Software To Allow Hillary's Private Server Emails

Emails released under court order Wednesday to Judicial Watch show that in December 2010, State Department technical staff had to disable software on their systems intended to block phishing emails that could deliver dangerous viruses. The reason: The State Department was trying to resolve delivery problems with emails sent from Hillary Clinton's private server.

The European Union: Government By Deception

The benefits of the union flow to a select few countries, and to a select few within those countries. And ever fewer are selected as economic policies continue to fail. It is frankly beyond me to see why anyone would want to be part of that. It’s not about Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage or George Osborne, that is just more deception. It’s about being ruled by midgets, as Forsyth puts it...the very structure of the EU self-selects for sociopaths and/or worse.

President Obama Explains Why His Immigration Plan Is Right & SCOTUS Is Wrong - Live Feed

Following the dead-locked decision of The Supreme Court stymieing Obama's controversial immigration plans - noting that he overstepped his authority - it seems the President is not taking the highest court in the land's decision lightly. With 11 million illegal immigrants still in the US and the the empty "deciding" seat still vacant since the sad death of Justice Scalia, we wonder just what Hillbama is willing to give up to get access to those potential votes head of the election...

Heavily-Armed Gunman Killed After Opening Fire In German Cinema

Update: Police report shooter is dead.

Witnesses are reporting multiple shots fired as Bild reports a heavily-armed man is at large in a cinema complex in Viernheim, Germany. The armed man has barricaded himself in the center and SWAT are on their way...police say up to 50 wounded.

New Home Sales Plunge Most In 8 Months Following Sharp Downward Revisions; Median Home Price Tumbles

Despite exuberance in existing home sales, new home sales just printed 551k SAAR - missing expectations for the first time since Oct 2015 - sliding by the most since Sept 2015. With the last 3 months of exuberant increases - to 8 year highs - now revised drastically lower; and median prices tumbling to the lowest since June 2015, the picture of the US housing recovery is considerably less rosy than before... time for a rate-hike?

US Manufacturing PMI Jumps In June But "Domestic Demand Remains Worryingly Weak"

Great news... Markit's US Manufacturing PMI (flash) for June beat expectations, rising to 51.4 from 50.7, driven by the fastest rise in exports since Sept 2014 (cough weaker dollar cough) as Input costs rose by the most in 18 months. Small bounces in production and employment do nothing to dismiss the "worrying weak" domestic demand picture; and, as Markit warns, "the three months to June has seen the worst quarter for manufacturing in terms of both production and employment growth since 2009."

Where Are The Jobs?

Maintaining the status quo of red tape, high taxes, high junk fees and indifference to small business realities guarantees decline and failure. The motto of the most dynamic elements of our economy is: trust the network, not the corporation or the state.The most creative places share three essential characteristics: disorder, diversity and discernment. In other words, the exact opposite of places designed to preserve the privileges of vested interests and a sclerotic status quo.

Gundlach Will Sell European Stocks Into "Remain" Pop; Bashes SolarCity Deal

With cable trading just shy of 1.49, and well above what many banks had expected was the currency's maximum "surge" rebound from last week's lows in the case of a "Bremain" victory, the looming question among trading desks ahead of tonight's official results is whether the market has fully priced in the brexit favorable outcome. According to at least one person the answer is yes. Jeffrey Gundlach said that his firm is considering selling its position in European equities early Friday on a "Bremain" vote