20 Facts About US Inequality That Everyone Should Know (With An Update On The Uber-Wealthy And Global Wealth Inequality)

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What is the relevance Tyler? All charts are outdated.

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Which implies that collocated HFT algos will be unhappy...

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Algos have no emotions. they do not give a fuck about you, me, the nation, or the whole damn world!

Perfect tool for casino style investment ....

Charts are not outdated ... at all... the trends are all there ...

Trickle trickle little star ...

bend a little for my bar ...


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by Michael Victory
on Sat, 06/04/2011 - 17:03


Take The Silver QuiZ?



I wonder how many clicks people get for posting at the top of Tylers Articles?

How many clicks does it take a newbie to start getting braver and braver until Poof! always at the top?

Stop Posting at the top of every article. This is not your personal fucking advertising space.. and you are not the first dumb fuck nor will you be the last I am so fucking sure.

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Give the dude a break will ya? Heck he links to ZH from his blog. It's a fairly slick looking blog to boot. I'd be proud if I could make something like that and the dude has taste with the articles he posts over there.

Of which the one above is a great article and hell maybe even Tyler will post it since he posts stuff from Casey. They are compelling arguments for the silver story. We are all fighting in this info war dude.

Shit, I wouldn't have known The Turd had a blog if he wasn't doing any self promotion over here at ZH.

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JW has valid complaints and great contributions to this forum, but sometimes people like me just want to be heard once in a while, so we try to squeeze a word in edgewise like here.

"The take home message is that the wealthiest people in the world have the bulk of their wealth entrenched in the current system and any dramatic overhaul or reset of the status quo will be met by the stiff resistance of those who can summon fleet of jets, private armies, and even Fed chairmen on a whim."

That's why I planned the complete and total worldwide economic collapse for them. The beast will be starved to death and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it from happening. It's a mathematical certainty.


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Thanks Victory. Astounding facts for the silver argument.

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I stopped at #2. Those numbers are not correct at all. Also the difference between demand and mine production is not made up for by scrap alone. You forgot producer heding and net government sales in there.




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Contact Jeff Clark at Casey Research. He also posts articles at Seeking Alpha, you could probably reach him through there. Heck he might even have posted this article there. He seems like a reasonable guy if what you are saying is true, then I'm sure he would update his article.

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He also posts articles at Seeking Alpha..


Which used to be a nice site but has become amateur night.

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Perfect moniker Arianna! You will not get paid off of this site though bitch. Go home.

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Subsitute "algos" for trolls and it all still aligns. Leftist asshat. Do you ever feel bad about what you are doing or is it okay because your soul is dead?

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Got it. Just reviewing Consumer Metrics Institute in search of your point. Thanks for your reply.

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 I'm compliant. After all, who trades M-5 charts?

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Great Job on the Information Tyler!



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A significant degree of inequality is in synch with evolution.

The problem with providing substantial resources to the low level workers is that they constantly overbreed. The lowest quality genes thus proliferate much faster than that of the superior genes of the middle and upper classes. The hordes of mules can then use their majority to dominate their superiors, potentially to extinction. A dysgenic outcome.

Perpetual evolutionary progress in the species is a noble goal. The betterment of mankind. Eugenics has not always been a dirty word. The Chinese and Jews have long incorporated eugenic policies and ideas in their cultures, to the benefit of their people as a whole.

Today the reproductively responsible middle class is being drained to finance the explosion of bacterial plaques throughout our territories, while the upper sliver withholds the majority of resources.

Even if all individuals were of equal genetic value, the constant overbreeding of lower classes would cause perpetual population boom and bust cycles, with all of the accompanying wars, starvation, suffering. Too many puppies. Nature takes care of it, one way or another.

"Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality"... that says it all.

Tyler Durden?  Tyler Franz Boas?






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Funny. We were just talking about that. This is Idiocracy. Only it is the leftist slaves "house niggers" who are the idiots.

I don't use that term lightly. I respect the word and it's power. So when I say it, I'm saying something.

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I joked with a friend tonight that Idiocracy is a documentary not a movie. LOL.

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Overbreeding?  Really?  Now there's some courageously forward, non-pc thinking.  That was so fucked up that it was hilarious!  I know there are people out there who think like that, but I just hear it so infrequently.  Wonder why that is . . .

Crazy as fuck, man.

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Objectivity. Free of emotional constraints. First rule of science.

Mec-sick-o's picture

As long as humans are in the equation of science, objectivity is compromised.

Current Scientific facts can be questioned and revised as some uncertainty still exists on every scientific theory.

Most theories have been revised.

Celestial Body Physics: Ptolemy, Newton, Einstein, ?

Each had its "objective" frame and it was considered true in each of their epochs.

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Second rule of Fascism.


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Yeah, Bob, whenever I see stuff like that, I'm inclined to wish for a virus that would kill everyone except Downers.

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Hah bob. We want our reactors to be "fast-breeder" but our humans to be slow ones.

Actually, as we look at the world (carefully), these kinds of strange linkages always make me think. Eugenicists probably talk in tongues that you and I would probably find even more apalling, eh?

Crazy indeed.



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by Bob
on Sat, 06/04/2011 - 22:04


Overbreeding?  Really?  Now there's some courageously forward, non-pc thinking.  That was so fucked up that it was hilarious!  I know there are people out there who think like that, but I just hear it so infrequently.  Wonder why that is . . .

Crazy as fuck, man.



Al Bartlett on energy consumption versus population




blind spot (clip)



Al Bartlett interview from Blind Spot documentary


I am not saying that the tought process is correct or fair.. what I am saying is that this conversation has been being had at the top going back decades and the tipping point.. for the coversation, will be the push to warm people (broadly) to the message.. which we are seeing more and more of..






1 problem is..

when the Rockefeller's tell the truth.. and people jump them.. that’s lends them the upper hand, because when the debate over the facts is had.. they will win.


Now, if you were to say that because the Rockefellers were guilty of leading the sheep around.. to NO! benefit of the sheep.. and to the benefit of the greedy who just are more and more greedy.. I would say kudos!




Social Sciences Data Center Links:
» Data Collection Development Policy
» Spatial Data and GIS
» Brown University Geospatial Resources
» Statistics and Data
» Federal Government Information
» Rhode Island Government Information
» United Nations Government Information


The Social Sciences Data Center located in the Reference area of the Rockefeller Library offers one-stop shopping for all your data needs. It stores a wide range of numeric and spatial datasets for all subjects. Data cover themes such as international censuses, (e.g. China , India , Argentina , Brazil , etc.), history, (e.g. the trans-Atlantic slave trade), economic data, (e.g. LehmanLive and Compustat), quality of life, (e.g. world database of happiness), geography, (e.g. old digitized maps of Providence ), and many more. Discover what is available at the Library or online by searching in Josiah for "Data Center Collection". The Data Center services also include help with finding and managing data, consultation, and support for SPSS, Stata, Nvivo and ArcGIS

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No it's not, Bob.  Your reaction is a little shrill isn't it?

The way things are wired now, the middle class in America is financing the import and proliferation of the poor from Mexico and Central America; also the African-American welfare exploitation. It has been like this for years, it is the agenda and it is painfully obvious.

Buy a house and pay those taxes, and you will have a clue.

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Crazy is something you either know when you see it or you don't.  Explaining cannot help. 

Why would I need a clue to recognize malignantly nihilistic misanthropy?  You can't dress that up . . .

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True, but I wonder if the reason this is posted is not to argue against your point, but to argue against people who claim that the trends identified by all the charts don't exist. 

Now, what you've said here you've said up front. You put no window dressing on it, you don't lie about it, you don't couch it in idealistic rhetoric. In short, you are not a hypocritical asswipe.

However, you're more honest than politicians and others who claim that what is proven in trends does not exist. 

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I felt a bit perplexed at first with all this focus on wage inequality and marxism blah, blah, blah.

I think I get it now though. You guys are brilliant. The useful idiots of this regime can be won over by appealing to a key intellectual drug abused as a method of owning them. Art of war bitches.

Alinsky was really a lazy punk, sociopath.

I respect and support your move. I always got hung up on the point of 'how do we as NOT PROGS/COMMUNIST confront the genuine societal problem of ridiculous income inequality?

The nobrainer answer is of course genuine free markets. FREE PEOPLE. Individuals allowed to experience life as it was meant to be. Raw and unfuckedup by 'managers/zookeepers.

Power must return to the individuals who create it. The government/Union filter is a perversion and abuse of what ought to be ours without 'their' bullshit permission.

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"The take home message is that the wealthiest people in the world have the bulk of their wealth entrenched in the current system and any dramatic overhaul or reset of the status quo will be met by the stiff resistance of those who can summon fleet of jets, private armies, and even Fed chairmen on a whim."

That's why I planned the complete and total worldwide economic collapse for them. The beast will be starved to death and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it from happening. It's a mathematical certainty.



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The fact that the numbers might be a bit old doesn't invalidate either the numbers or the trend.

The wealth and opportunity disparity that leaps from those numbers has surely gotten worse. 

What's the worst that can happen as the numbers worsen - a revolution?  Who cares right.

Bring out the cake








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The only outdated chart is #2.... that little pull back in CEO pay is gone ...

CEO pay is back UP with a vengeance!

Trickle trickle little star ....

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 I suggest that you, Realign your malevolent thoughts. Be a better person, and see a DUCK when it walks. 

   ED: AKA   yen cross

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But the cake is a lie...

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That graph about homelessness said <10% of the US population is Hispanic.  And this is from 2007?  It's possible they were using legacy data, but it's been a while since that figure would be true.

DosZap's picture

Hispanics as of '10 Census now are approx 17%+ of the Pop.

They outnumber the African American population.

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Does anyone really believe the US is behind Mexico in child poverty? That chart is a bunch of BS. How exactly was "poverty" defined? I thought we had a childhood obesity problem because they are eating too much and playing Playstation all day. So which is it?

DosZap's picture

When the definition of POVERTY LEVEL is approx $25k per yr, I am with you.

NO frickin way child hunger / poverty is CLOSE to Hispanic.

Anyone that is hungry is the USA, can get  THREE squares a  day everyday.

When your POOREST peoples are more wealthy than 98% more of the worlds population, don't think I for one believe a word of it.

This was prior to the Depression, and I know the meals and getting fed, are still true.

Shit, 47 million on Wefare?,may not be the Ritz, but beats the shit out of Zimbabwe.

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Important developement in world's largest (Banana) Democracy.

A must for people who want to  develop the right perception of India. The developments of the last 24 hours have been phenomenal to say the least. There are huge repercussions for the political stability of India.

Background - A yoga guru will hundreads of millions  of followers took up a fast until death against corruption in India. Across the country millions joined. The  corrupt Governtment got nervous and attacked the peaceful gathering in the middle of night.

Surely one can expect markets to be jittery when they open tomorrow!!

Tyler it would be great if you could put some more light on the stories.

You can get more info here!!





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The relevance is...white people are better than black/brown people...worldwide statistics prove it.

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Shh, you can't say that!  Have to suppress the truth you know.

Should also realize there are those who hold even more disproportionate wealth than your average John or Thomas.

These ideological frictions were confronted during WW2, and I'd say sometime this century they will be at the root of another worldwide upheaval and bloodbath.

I try to maintain respect for every human as an inherent right, but it's harder to make a human outreach of empathy when they are unknown masses.

Tyler, what do you propose after this convincing data?  Can it be you are a Marxist?

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A tad racist aren't we?.

Put everyone on an equal playing field, with exact same lifestyles, and chances, and those stats would be entirely different.

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Chumbawamba spent a day in jail earlier in the week and experienced inequality firsthand.  Those on the lower rungs of society are not the poor, they are the resistance.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Give us the details chumba. Why were you arrested. What happened.