Complete Ron Paul Highlights From Last Night's New Hampshire Debate

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While last night's republican debate was at best a complete waste of 2 hours, and at worst something not even fit for the pages of Zero Hedge (and we have very low standards - Zero "low hanging fruit" Hedge is what we are often been called), there was 20 minutes worthy of popular attention, and all of them belonged to Ron Paul. The Texas anti-Fed crusader presented his rational opinion, substantiated by actual fact and, more shockingly, math, glaringly standing out from the herd. Alas, since America always and without fail elects precisely the candidate it so rightfully deserves, it pains us to conclude that Paul has zero chance at the presidency. That said, we hope to convert at least one additional human to his cause by presenting the complete highlight reel from yesterday. Yes it is commercial- and other candidate-free so the signal to noise ratio is not seppuku inducing.

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You definitely not "Libertarians for Prosperity"

Your first meaningful question is - How are we going to find the energy to support a doubling of our economy every 10 years?  -  So the economy booms and neesd energy, rates go up, capital flows to company that build energy systems. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong?





ihaveabalancedcheckbook's picture

You definitely not "Libertarians for Prosperity"

Your first meaningful question is - How are we going to find the energy to support a doubling of our economy every 10 years?  -  So the economy booms and neesd energy, rates go up, capital flows to company that build energy systems. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong?





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I watched none of it, yet I agree with you (for the first time in your 2 weeks here, I think...I don't believe you are a libertarian)!

It's a charade, farce, deception, travesty, pantomime ... in short, a con!

Those who still haven't woken up to the Hegelian dialectic (false dichotomy; false "left...right" paradigm) are doomed to continue queueing up for the shearing of their senseless votes at the "suggestion box for slaves" in 2012. (How's that for mixing metaphors?!)

Was listening to a BBC news clip on the debate: no mention of Ron Paul at all; brief focus on the "movie star" qualities of Romney; a biting clip from the Newt on some divisive issue or another; short voice clip of Bachmann [Turn-er Over-and-Drive!]. That is roughly similar to what the American people will be fed ad nauseum until Perry announces (and "they" will only trot him out if the polls start turning against O'bomber, just so they have an each-way bet).

I'm sure RP is a very nice and honourable gentleman (I like his economics, but he can shove his religious stuff somewhere else...separation of church and state 'n'all) but, for fuck's sake, he has achieved nothing in 35 years in Congress but to introduce Austrian economics into the debate as a side issue to be set against Keynesianism in the dialectic (none of the other republicrats or democans would be able to articulate it...and I think he also does it poorly). Apart from that, he's 10 years older than the guy they just knocked back from the IMF race for being "too old" (and 6 years older than Reagan was when elected)!

Even if he gets some media coverage--which he won't--he'll get a few percent of the vote from the R delegates (who don't even have to vote as their delegating state voted!!) and return to the sidelines as chairman of a finance committee that is achieving nothing related to prudent finance.

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genuinely hard to stomach people HERE getting wound up for "elections" again. . .

At least RP offers a glimmer of hope

that's just sad. . . has no one been paying ANY attention to ZH, do folk genuinely believe ONE MAN is going to change this massive systemic theft, that VOTING is going to address what has happened over a century of supposed "voter representation" - from Congress to Senate to Pentagon to Supreme Court - thousands upon thousands of sponges soaking up any monies waved their way while completely ignoring the concept of sovereignty????

"voting" is a false flag waved every couple of years, then back to ignoring anything but whatever your current obsession is - "voting" is the least you can do, and usually is.


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You need to believe something or you are just left to follow. It may be a longshot for RP, even impossible. What I actually hope and do see some evidence of is the permeation of the ideas. I see Keynes, Austrian, libertarian, collectivist, etc. used more now than any time I can remember. I even saw Romney adopting some concepts on currency, taxation and debt. Many times you lose the battles but still win the war.

Collectivism-statism-central planning will never work or produce anything remotely similar to what it promises. The battles have been lost for over a century, yet the war will be won ultimately. It's kind of like bad physics versus accurate physics.

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the "something" I believe in does not include a hierarchy of overpaid dunces with dual-passports legislating on behalf of corporations while stuffing their pockets with bribes, in "courts" that legislate control over female fertility while paying zero attention to male sperm donors, that proudly promotes genocidal wars under the guise of "patriotism" - and spends obscene amounts of money on a global military while ramping up the survellience of "citizens" at "home" - and how many times can one watch pre-election "debates" and listen to their speechifying promises PRIOR to getting the gig only to witness the same ole same ole once they get their seats & titles. . .oh, what's the use. . .

vote.  vote Ron Paul, or whoever - but seriously, if anyone still believes that changing figureheads will make even the slightest dent in the coming meltdown, well hey, yer WINNING!!!!1!!


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Someone has to be around to pick up the burnt, crispy pieces of our nation after the Fed explodes it. I'd rather it be a constitutionist rather than an IMF, UN, NATO or World Bank player.

I'm not exactly thrilled with all the hoopla involved with the upcoming election year, either. But at least it will keep most of them in line and less likely to push something foolish and possibly dangerous through. that I think about it, strike that last sentence from the record.



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it was worth re-reading dog.

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Dr Ron Paul is the only politician I know who's not in it for the money or fame.

He just wants things to be better for all of us.

That's why in one market segment of Alex Jones listeners, Ron Paul has 5 million AJ listener votes.

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"How are we going to find the energy"

Ignorant rhetorical question.

We have had LFTR technology for decades now in the wings waiting. 100,ooo's of years of energy, ready. N00b

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The surface of a planet is NOT the correct place for an expanding technological civilization -- didn't you get the memo?

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I love Ron Paul and have been a fan of his for a long-time. Unfortunately in this debate he gave the appearance of rambling. Although his message has underlying substance he lacked in delivery. I hope he gets the latter right during this campaign.

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Missing here is RP's efforts against the Patriot Act and other extensions of a creeping police state.  He may be the only active politician who appreciates the dangers inherent in overly broad police powers.  Certainly rolling back / overturning the Patriot Act / Dept Hmland Securitie will need leadership from the top.

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END the FED!

Like RP says, They will destroy themselves.

g's picture

That is true, but they will take the rest of the system with them, which will not be beneficial initially.

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No pain, no gain.  If LIBERTY is the goal, fuck the pain. Destroy the fuckin' FED.

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History suggests they won't go down without a fight.

When President Jackson declared war against the Second Bank, they didn't leave without a intentionally causing one of the worst depressions in U.S. History.

I presume it will be no different this time

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Put a Ron Paul 2012 sticker on the back of my car.  When I see an Obama sticker on antoher car I get in front and tap my breaks to make sure they are paying attention.  I live in northern California near the SF Bay Area so I am tapping my breaks alot.  Somehow very gratifying for me while out looking for a job!

DavidC's picture

They are brakes, not breaks.


johnnyBoy's picture

My brain fart.  Thanks

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You think that's leadership? You think that's noble, maybe persuasive??

That attitude is self-indulgent, capricious nonsense.  wattanumnutz.

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Who wrote this shit?  Some misogynist?  Bachmann jumped in.

Seems like the author wants 4 MORE YEARS!

CrazyCooter's picture

So, TD is fecal obssessed misogynist for posting a piece about the good man from Texas?

I am trying to follow the logic of your concern, but I am not getting it. Care to elaborate?



ping's picture

I'm a fecal obsessed misogynist. We're not all bad.

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Ron Paul would be my choice as well. Too bad he does not have a chance with the State Run Media against him.

He is the most coherently intellectual of the bunch, and he has been saying liberty above all else for over 25 years.

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Don't repeat their lie. Power is derived from repetition. Ron Paul can win. Every time you hear someone say he can't, challenge their views. Ask which positions of his they disagree with, then dig in when they have no answer or a half-ass one. Or just hit em with a brick :D

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I agree, there is a small minority of both the left and the right that will never vote anything but a party ticket no matter how bad the candidate is, and that is in your face electoral vandalism, my brother votes that way, but I think the majority of Americans have just been waiting for an/any alternative, and just because the religious zeal of the Obama win is worn off now does not mean they will en masse pull the lever for a GOP'er.  Even die hard Obama supporters, not the ones for whom he is messiah they will never admit it, but the rest have come to a sad conclusion that he has done NOTHING, made no positive change and fed no new hope. 

Ron Paul can win, but I think he would have a better chance if he ran an insurgent independent bid ala Perot, or Nadir.  Perot actually did pretty well at what 13%?  Now I think a guy like Paul could get 30% in a near three way tie just by having his name on a ballot that was not identified by dem or rep. 

I have a hard time with his candidacy because I am gay and we came from less than zero fighting 40 years just for the right to be citizens without being arrested, beaten, or killed (life liberty and pursuit of happiness remember those?).  And we still are fighting for our rights, something the constitution says is our duty.  To have a man who gives even lip service to Xtianity and prayer is stepping back a decade or more in that struggle.  If another candidate should prevail it will be the end of America economically sure, but the way I look at it is if survival is not to be for all then it is not worth saving anyway, let the fucker burn.  You can no longer say to minorities and people you do not like that we have to be patient because there are survival level issues that have to be fixed before rights can be enjoyed by all, I say we are all in the same boat and we will get through it together or we will not get through it at all. 

I kind of like his approach to gay people in one way, he would get government out of such as marriages so he would not support my right to legally marry, but he would also not block it, and he would make marriage benefits that come from government equal for all, that is I get nothing for marrying but neither do you, no tax breaks for kids, or tax breaks for incomes, or rules about hospital visits, or laws about who you can leave what to, or who can be on your insurance policy, you=me.  Me=you, at last, I think you will really not like it, but at least it will be fair and equal. 

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Teddy Roosevelt: 'To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.'

Just sayin' ...

Cheesy Bastard's picture

Speaking of which, poor Hugh Hefner got left at the altar.  I hope he's not too lonely.'s picture

During that there debate a fella named Ron Paul said that government can't teach morality.

ILikeBoats's picture

TR was talking about society, not government.

CrazyCooter's picture

Yeah, but the "two party system" closed ranks after Perot and has done a pretty damn good job of excluding "unapproved" candidates.

While many folks may knock the Tea Party, in some cases legitimately, what does hold true is that its grass roots and the traditional republican power players do not hold the reigns so to speak, at least in the way they are used to. This is why they tried to define the movement as "national" with Palin at the lead. Once it is defined nationally, its media image can be controlled.

But I feel this "image" is false, because the Tea Party is really thousands of small local groups, most of whom are more focused on State and local elections (including getting local tea party candidates in local elections). The Dallas Tea Party held "boot camps", constitutional seminar series, and basic election/campaign training (i.e. how to run a campaign). All at the local level. If I was in a position to run for a local office in Dallas at the time, I would have had a whole community of people step in behind me as long as I shared their values. A whole community of non-republican-republicans.

I read a very, very insightful comment on this phenomenon back around the last election run up. Basically someone said that a savy politician will always run to the front of an angry crowd and pretend to be its leader. Chew on that a moment.

The traditional republican party has a mutiny on their hands and they know it. Consider for a moment that this is true. Just a thought experiment. Where would you see it? In the MSM? Of course not. In the traditional party media outlets? No. You would see it at local tea party rallies and via local tea party organizations.

Bachmann is in the race precisely to counter Paul and I have no down Palin will be in the race eventually. The reason; split the Tea Party vote three ways. This cycles back to my "Perot lesson" regarding unapproved candidates.

There is only one "tea party" candidate, if you embrace such notions, and that is the good man from Texas. Four more years of a broke d!ck leader and this republic is done.



wisefool's picture

Bachman is a member of the ruling class. She has an LLM in taxation. She is a former IRS central planning agent. She is more complicit in the status quo than King George/Timmay is. Unless she pulls a double agent type explaination for her past, I do not know how the tea party could seriously consider her.


Edit: And Paul needs to drop the gold standard stuff. it is rediculous except as a metaphor/teaching device. That would be a 40 year old basing thier future worth to the planet based on youthfulness. The USA does not have any gold left in the ground.

And Palin can not pull it out. people remember when you quit a job like govenor, for no good reason, in the middle of an expect term for 4 years.

cossack55's picture

Bachmann also voted FOR the Gestapo Patriot Act Extension. Nuff said.

wisefool's picture

sure. I'll be honest, I pretty much assume that every/all our communications are being recorded, either by the government or by the telco's, both to sell stuff to us and steal our ideas. I mean you gotta laugh, when we get ranting about jim kramer, his ads show up here on zerohedge. So the patriot act does not really bother me, I have nothing to hide.

But again with bachman, unless she claims to be a reformed academic: meaning she comes right out and says "I did not realize how stupid the tax code was untill I actually had to implement it, and that is why I quit" then the tea party is either getting fooled, or we are getting fool by the tea party.

Status Quo priority list of two party system.

1. Fed Mandate: Low Unemployment

2. Tax Code: Social Engineering, Payolla/kick backs, maintain incentives for political class.

3. Fed mandate: Price controls. Use foodstamps when 1+2 get boring or aren't working

Problem is, as cooter mentioned, 1+2+3 aren't going to work anymore.  Both Perot and Nader saw it comming, but the parties squeezed them out.  So again, If Paul drops the gold standard stuff, but sound money advocates like us still support him in principle, the tea party has a shot. If Bachman says the tax code is just as  stupid as Obamacare cause she has read both bills, then the tea party has a shot. And Palin wants to be VP nothing more.

No other republican has a shot against hope and centrist Obama.

CrazyCooter's picture

Actually, it is much better than what you suggest, sort of a glass half full/glass half empty. Let me explain. I am going to ramble for a short bit, but I will try to make it focused. I want to see if I can put something in context.

The first libraries were managed entirely by hand and had very poor technology. Because of this "cost", only very key information was persisted. Thus, libraries were almost exclusively for religious writings or financial data. Because of the medium, much was lost over time (papyrus, mud tablets, vellum).

In time, the printing press was invented. The ability to produce many copies of the same work (previously all done by hand) did three key things (1) the cost to publish anything was drastically reduced, (2) the potential audience for any given work grew, and (3) the likelihood the work survived over time was vastly increased. The printing press had immeasurable impacts on our species for these reasons. Ideas are powerful and they do change the course of our history (as a species).

The internet is, at its core, like the printing press except that it is hopped up on powers of ten because "its digital". Do each of you realize how many people read your thoughts when you publish something on ZH? A hundred? A thousand? Ten thousand? Do not miss the scope or implications of this observation (research the author if you doubt his words).

We will all be dead and gone, for generations, but our writings here will be so easily accessible by any that want to search for them. Hundreds of years from now (or thousands should we best the energy beast), anyone who continuously publishs accurate material of interest will be read by young men and women pursuing knowledge in said field of expertise. This time period we now live in is very unique in many ways. Your voices will be heard your voice (text).

Technology is a tool, it is inheritly neither good, nor evil; like fire arms, used free a people, feed a people, or oppress a people. The future role of technology will contiue to be mixed, as it has been since the days fire was discovered.

But humanity has such greater access to ideas that I can only believe our future is brighter than it was 50 years ago or a 100 years ago.

That said, a heavy price must be paid for all this stupidity!



wisefool's picture

Oh sure, I am not trying to advocate anything irresponsible, atleast that is not my intention. 

As you said, technology changes things, when the USA was set up as a two party system it allowed citizen politicians to get stuff done and then go home to farms, shops, and printing presses :)

In the modern age when we have an entire class of people dedicated to politics, social engineering and grand standing to the media, do you think it is wise to have only two opposing parties, where even minor conflicts and compromises generate thousands of pages of regulations and taxes?

So I head your warning, and I will try not to post anything offensive to the ages, but unlike the government, I can not force anyone to follow my rules at the end of a gun, nor would I want to.

CrazyCooter's picture

It was not my intent to silence your tongue, but instead to sharpen it, if that makes sense.

My only point is the "ZH community" is a book of sorts, being published in this new medium, and it will survive the years (book burnings were popular in the past for a reason). Further, future historians will have a unprecedented ability to peer into the daily lives, opinions, and thoughts of people living through this historic moment.

I pointed this opinion/observation at your concern about the DeptHLS, for purpose of compare/contrast. To each his/her own.



StychoKiller's picture

In the spirit of your post:  To the US Govt -- STOP ROBBING Peter to pay PAUL!

Our work or your gun(s), you cannot have both.

FreedomGuy's picture

Well said, Cooter. My hope is a few centuries from now we will wise up and reject all vestiges of central planning. Frankly, given the speed of technology and drive of history perhaps it will not take that long.

malalingua's picture

I concur Conrad Murray.  Ron Paul can win.  He has to win.

FreedomGuy's picture

His ideas have to win even if mouthed by another. I look for that, also.

dcb's picture

good observation. the establishment will say he can't win in order to deflect votes away from him.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

Rodney Dangerfield gets more respect than poor Ron.

CrankItTo11's picture

Ron Paul really is the only hope.

AboutAverage's picture

I agree don't repeat the criminal media's lie.


Ron Paul certainly and absolutely can win!   There is no doubt and if he does not win, then you can bet your last bottom dollar that 2016 will be the turning of this country.   The goons are finished.  The majority of people are onto the games and the blog boards are filled with Ron Paul supporters.  Additionally, Yahoo is censoring its blog boards quite horribly now and everyone knows that too.   The cat is out of the bag.  The goons are really nervous now.