China Says Turkey Needs To Respect Iraq's Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity

With Turkey and Iraq still at odds over the former's deployment of between 150 and 300 troops along with two dozen tanks to Bashiqa, Russia told the Security Council on Tuesday that Ankara is acting "recklessly and inexplicably." Of course Moscow has a powerful friend among the five permanent members and on Wdnesday, Beijing weighed in on the Turkish troop issue for the first time.

Amid Commodity Collapse, World's Most Resource-Driven Economy Posts Greatest Jobs Gain In 15 Years

When Australia released its October jobs data a month ago (printing an astonishing 58k increase - almost 6 times expectations of a 10k increase), the media threw up all over the farce of the best jobs gain in 3 years (amid commodity price collapses, mining industry bankruptcy fears, and China trade implosions) saying simply "don't believe the jobs figure for October." So we cannot wait to see what the men from downunder make of November's print. With expectations of a 10k drop, Australia added a mind-numbing 71,400 jobs - the most in 15 years!! This is equivalent to the US adding almost 1.75 million jobs in 2 months... They just don't care anymore!

Economic Growth: How It Works, How It Fails, & Why Wealth Disparity Occurs

Economists have put together models of how an economy works, but these models were developed years ago, when the world economy was far from limits. These models may have been reasonably adequate when they were developed, but there is increasing evidence that they don’t work in an economy that is reaching limits.

How Many People Were Shot Near Your Home This Year: Find Out With This Interactive Map

Given all of the attention the issue has received of late, you might be curious to know just how prevalent gun violence actually is where you live. Fortunately, there’s a map for that. Utilizing data from the Gun Violence Archive, The Trace and Slate have developed an interactive map which allows you to discover how many fatal and non-fatal shooting have occurred in a particular area. Essentially, the map uses location data to find where you are, and tells you if anyone has been shot there recently. How cool is that?

The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold

Gold is one of the few investments that every investor should have in their portfolio. We are now at the dangerous end-game period of a very bold but very reckless & disappointing experiment with the world's fiat (unbacked) currencies. If this experiment fails -- and we observe it's in the process of failing -- gold will provide one of the best forms of wealth insurance. But like all insurance products, it only works if you buy it before you need to rely on it.

Australian Police Storm Home Of Outed Bitcoin "Founder"

On Tuesday, Wired and Gizmodo revealed the identity of the man they say is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. Hours later, Australian authorities stormed his home and businesses in what was descrbed to reporters only as "an operation." According to the reports released yesterday, "Cold fish Craig" - as the man is known in the Austrailian suburb where he resides with his wife - may be in for a protracted standoff with the country's tax authorities.

The "American Dream" Is Over... And Voters Know It

If the American Dream depends on skyrocketing debt built on a weakening foundation of stagnant productivity and income, then it is indeed over. Voters sense this fragile, debt-dependent economy is one repricing away from implosion, and they're uneasy for good reason. Voters are rightly angry that the official statistics mask or manipulate this reality, for if we can't face reality then we have zero hope of solving any problems.

Corporate Loan Charge-Offs And Delinquencies Surge

More signs that the economy is actually not all that well. It may yet recover on its own (believe it or not, but from a historical perspective the data in their totality are not yet decisive), but we think this is a very low probability scenario at this stage. There is likely already way too much malinvested capital in need of a significant purge.

America's Road To Serfdom: 51% Of Renters Are Over-40 Years Old

While popular perception holds that debt-ridden, broke millennials are the ones driving the rental market, the truth is far more nuanced... and depressing for those who still cling breathlessly to The American Dream. The truth is millions of Americans were reduced to neo-feudal serfs by the financial crisis, and how those who ruined the economy profited handsomely from the process.

According To Goldman, This Will Be The Biggest Buyer Of Stocks In 2016

If you said just more of the same, with corporate management teams buying back their own stock in near record quantities (boosting their own stock-linked compensation in the process) and serving as the biggest marginal buyer in the market, then give yourself a pat on the back.