Looking For Inflation In All The Wrong Places

"The drunk in the above story is an idiot, of course. But no more so than modern economists who can’t find inflation because they’re looking only at the part of the economy covered by their government’s Consumer Price Index..."

Foreigners Splurge On US Stocks: Buy Second-Most US Equities In 8 Years

Of the $61 billion in net long-term securities purchased by foreigners in September, almost half - or $26 billion - was equities. This was the highest monthly total of US stocks purchased by foreigners since July 2016, and the second highest going all the way back to July 2009.

The Unbearable Slowness Of Fourth Turnings, Part 2

"Thus far, those constituting the Deep State hierarchy have fended off their demise...It is clear they have reached the peak of financial manipulation, money printing, and artificial interest rate suppression. The narrative is faltering. Their last and final option to retain power is war."

Watch Live: Trump Makes "Major Statement"

Two days ago, President Trump tweeted that he would make a "major statement" upon his return from Asia. That time has come. Today at 3:30pmET, President Trump will let us all know... Is it war with North Korea? Rejoining TPP? Denouncing Roy Moore?  Declaring victory over tax reform and healthcare repeal? Celebrating his relationship with China? Banning NYT and CNN? Admitting he really did collude with Putin?

Don't Mix Politics And Climate Science

"Poor societies cannot afford to care about the environment. They cannot afford research and development. The government wants people to believe it is the only means of addressing ecological problems.  But the state can be counted on to just use any new powers as a means of control, and in the long run - to impoverish societies and block the progress of civilization."

Fabrications Of Financial Media Superstars – Part One

Every day, the A-listers, those known around the world as household-name financial media royalty, are making public statements that if taken on the surface as actionable advice, are going to lead to unpleasant financial surprises... Not for them. For you...