The Stage Has Been Set For The Next Financial Crisis

"We are in a multidimensional and fully internationalized carry trade game, folks, which means there is a very serious and tangible risk pool sitting just below the surface across world’s largest insurance companies, pensions funds and banks, the so-called 'mandated' undertakings..."

Crew Of Missing Argentine Submarine Makes Contact Attempt

“We received seven signals from satellite calls that would come from the submarine San Juan. We are working hard to locate him and we convey hope to the families of the 44 crew members: that they may soon have them in their homes..."

"People Ask, Where's The Leverage This Time?" - Eric Peters Answers

“The leverage is in risk parity strategies. There is greater duration and structural leverage... People move from senior-secured debt to unsecured. They buy 10yr Italian telecom debt instead of 5yr. This time, the rise in system-wide risk is not explicit leverage, it is implicit leverage.”

Russia-Gate Spreads To Europe

Ever since the U.S. government dangled $160 million last December to combat Russian propaganda and disinformation, obscure academics and eager think tanks have been lining up for a shot at the loot in an unseemly rush to profit that is spreading the Russia-gate hysteria beyond the United States to Europe.

Back-To-Back Hindenburg Omens

Last week we warned about the infamous bearish stock market pattern developing known as the ‘Hindenburg Omen’... Fast forward to today and a very ironic situation unfolded in the skies 50-miles north of London - a true 'Hindenburg Omen' struck as the world’s longest airship crashed early this morning.