Goldman Reveals Its Top Trade Recommendations For 2018

1. Short 10-year US Treasuries; 2. Go long EUR/JPY; 3. Go long the MSCI EM stock market index; 4. Go long EUR 5-year 5-year forward inflation; 5. Go long the EMBI Global Index against short the US High Yield iBoxx Index; 6. Own diversifed, and hedged, Asian growth: Long INR, IDR, KRW vs. short SGD and JPY. 7. Go long global growth, non-oil commodity beta: long BRL, CLP, PEN vs. short USD.

Israel Ready To Share Intel With Saudis "Against Iran" Ahead Of Possible War

This morning one of Israel's largest international news broadcasters broke an explosive yet not entirely surprising story that Israel would take the unprecedented step of sharing intelligence with Saudi Arabia as both countries continue to ramp up efforts to curb what they perceive as Iranian expansion in the region.

Initial Jobless Claims Jump Most Since 2016's Growth Scare

Ignoring the storm-driven aberrations, this week's 10k jump in initial jobless claims to 249k signals a notable regime shift in the labor market. For the first time since 2016's growth scare, there are more Americans opening jobless claims than last year...

Import, Export Price Growth Slows As China-flation Slumps To 2007 Lows

Hotter than expected Core PPI and CPI prints in the last two days suggested Import Prices may also come in hot but that was not the case as the MoM rise in import prices was just 0.2% (vs +0.4% exp). Year-over-year however, both import and export price growth declined modestly.