US Ally Saudi Arabia Set To Execute 52 Prisoners (Including Juveniles) En Masse

2015 has been a record year for many things - mass shootings in America, Warriors' winning streak, global terrorist attacks, warmest temperatures, and last but not least beheadings in Saudi Arabia. As we previously noted, with 151 executions year-to-date, new King Salman has already overtaken his predecessor's 2014 total of 90, and, as details, is about enter the all-time record books with the mass execution of 52 prisoners (including juveniles). Of course, given Saudi Arabia's propaganda machine and US media charm offensive, it is highly unlikely any mainstream media outlet will cover such potential abuses (just don't mention 9/11, ISIS funding, or Saeed Farook).

How To Profit From The Coming High Yield Meltdown

"Like most turns in the credit cycle, it is uncertain exactly when the bottom will fall out of corporate credit markets, but the catalyst is likely to be an unexpected major event, perhaps even a single company getting into trouble. While we have been bearish on high yield for over a year now, we didn't think the conditions were yet ripe for a collapse. Now they're ripe."

- Ellington Management

11 "Alarm Bells" That Show The Global Economic Crisis Is Getting Deeper

But just like in 2008, the “experts” at the Federal Reserve are assuring all of us that everything is going to be just fine.  This is the exact same kind of mistake that the Federal Reserve made back in the late 1930s.  They thought that the U.S. economy was finally recovering, and so interest rates were raised.  That turned out to be a tragic mistake.

Money Is Becoming Unmanageable

Why are the worlds’ most successful investors having so much trouble lately? The short answer is that the markets they used to understand have been replaced by something very different. In this new, post-market world, money managers can’t separate signal from noise and end up on the wrong end of wild swings in commodities, currencies and interest rates. And now their clients are figuring this out.

Off-Balance Volume

"Buying" versus "selling" volume has diverged dramatically in the last few weeks creating a dangerous sense of pre-Black-Monday deja-vu.

3 Things: Expected Returns, Returns, & Net Returns

There is no doubt that another major market reversion is coming. The only question is the timing of such an event which will wipe out the majority of the gains accrued during the first half of the current full market cycle. Assuming that you agree with that statement, here is the question: "If you were offered cash for your portfolio today, would you sell it?" This is the "dilemma" that all investors face today.

How Bull Markets End

Silicon Valley has been in a food fight for about three years now. Everyone knows it’s going to end, except for the folks in Silicon Valley. Anyone who invested at these valuations will richly deserve what’s coming to them. Those prices were cuckoo.

Potential OPEC Cut? It Depends On Non-OPEC Nations Now

Eighty-five years after the birth of French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, and the crude complex is acting suitably surreal today. As expected, rhetoric is ratcheting up out of Vienna ahead of tomorrow’s OPEC meeting, with the crude market shaken up like a snowglobe.

Meet Syed Farook And Tashfeen Malik, The Husband And Wife San Bernardino Shooters

“Was there a link to terror?” That’s the question Americans are asking themselves the morning after a husband and wife opened fire with assault rifles killing 14 and wounding 17 at a San Bernardino County employee holiday party. The shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, left their young child with Farook’s mother in nearby Redlands on Wednesday morning before dressing in “assault clothing,” and crashing the party (literally).

RANsquawk Preview: Nonfarm Payrolls 4th December 2015


November’s NFP release is in strong focus after the stellar reading in October which saw the largest increase this year at 271K additions. Additionally, unemployment is expecting to remain at 5% which will maintain the reading at the lowest level since Apr’08. Furthermore, average hourly earnings are typically in focus due to being a key indicator of wage inflation for the Fed.

Citi Turns Bearish On Stocks On "Richer And Richer" Markets, Sees 65% Recession Probability; Janet Yellen Disagrees

"Given the surge back towards the all-time highs in the S&P 500, we think that the best might be over for US equities and that indices might range trade more in 2016. We have downgraded US equities to neutral. This takes our overall equity weighting down to neutral, in many respects an extension of what we’ve been doing for most of this year as richer and richer asset markets, against a global background of economic risks, have made us more cautious."

WTI Crude Surges On OPEC Hope, Dollar Drop

As the USDollar plunges under the weight of short-squeezed EUR FX traders, so commodities are making gains. With OPEC right around the corner, WTI continues to bethe highest beta and has soared back to yesterday's highs on no news whatsoever (apart from comments from OPEC that they will only cut if non-OPEC cuts).