Meanwhile On The "Apocalyptic" Northern Greek Border...

In a somewhat depressing show of the farce that is Europe's immigration policy, local media reports "apocalyptic scenes" on the northern Greek border where "economic migrants" who are not entitled to leave Greece's provisional camps are fighting with 'refugees' who are entitled to leave, and head into other European nations. Petrol bombs and stones flew through the air, fists, kicks and wrestling on the ground as migrants hindered refugees from entering Macedonia (FYROM). People have injured, trampled and faint, among them many babies as some migrants tried to pass together with the refugees and were apparently hindered with stun grenades fired by the FYROM police.

"No Cut In Production" - OPEC Press Conference Begins (Finally) - Live Feed

OPEC HAS AGREED TO OIL OUTPUT POLICY ROLLOVER, SETS TARGET AT 31.5 M B/D AFTER INDONESIA JOINS: DELEGATE. This increases the output limit up from 30 million but is merely reflective of the current real output from the Cartel of 31.5 million barrels. And crude is crashing, Ruble is dumping and gold is jumping.

This Is Not Your Father's Market

"We live in a dystopian investment world, whose markets have morphed into an Orwellian backdrop of omnipresent government intervention and manipulation that is increasingly dictated by the quant community -- who worship at the altar of prices and price momentum (and are agnostic on values)."

November Jobs Surge 211K, Higher Than Expected: December Rate Hike Looms Despite Slump In Weekly Earnings

It appears the December rate hike is now cemented following the BLS' report that November jobs rose by 211K, higher than the 200K expected, and well above Janet Yellen's "whisper" number of just 100,000 being sufficient. This follows an even stronger revision to the October number from 271K to a whopping 298K. The unemployment rate remained flat at 5.00%, in line with expectations, while hourly earnings rose 0.2% in November, just as expected.

Why This Sucker Is Going Down... Again

So how do you grow household wealth by $18 trillion in the face of these dismal real world trends? In a word, with a printing press. But what happened today is that Draghi showed he is out of tricks and Yellen confessed she is out of excuses. Yes, this sucker is going down. And this time all the misguided economics professors turned central bankers in the world will be powerless to reverse the plunge.

Previewing The "Most Important Jobs Report Ever" - What Wall Street Expects

There is a high hurdle following October's surprisingly strong gain of 271,000 jobs. On the other hand, Wall Street is confident we would have to see a significantly lower number, somewhere in the 100,000 range or even lower, — and weakness in other parts of the report, such as the unemployment rate, hourly wages and weekly hours — for the FOMC to postpone a rate hike into next year.

Germany Sends 1,200 "Support" Troops To Syria

In a 445 “for”, 146 “against” (seven abstentions) vote, German lawmakers approved the use of six Tornado reconnaissance jets, and the deployment of a frigate to help "protect" the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle off the coast of Syria. Berlin will also send refueling aircraft and up to 1,200 military personnel.

Frontrunning: December 4

  • The Jobs Report Probably Won't Change the Fed's Mind on Liftoff (BBG)
  • U.S. authorities look for militant links to shooters in California mass slaying (Reuters)
  • Neighbors, Acquaintances Shocked That Couple Are San Bernardino Shooting Suspects (WSJ)
  • ECB Fumbles the Stimulus-Baton Hand-off, Mussing Up Fed’s Plans (WSJ)
  • OPEC Heads for Status Quo as Members Clash Over Crude Output Cut (BBG)
  • Foreigners drawn in as fear and loathing grip China's finance industry (Reuters)

OPEC Meeting Preview: Confusion, Clashes, Disappointment, And Lower Oil Prices

"There has been a bunch of headlines coming out of OPEC with each contradicting the other," says Petromatrix analyst Olivier Jakob. “It is difficult to trade in front of OPEC - the general consensus is for nothing, but when we get a soundbite that creates a bit of a reaction." However, once the OPEC meeting announces that, sorry Venezuela but nothing changes, expect the early upward bias to crude prices to promptly reverse.

Futures Rebound On Hope Today's "Most Important Ever" Jobs Number Will Not "Draghi" The Market

Optimism in US equity futures appears to have returned, and as of this moment US equity futures are higher by 9 points to 2060 as the attention shifts to what, according to BofA, is truly the most important ever. It is unclear just how the algos would take a second consecutive major disappointment in a row: should today's NFP print be well below the 200,000 consensus, December rate hike odd will tumble and the EUR will surge even more after declining modestly from overnight highs just below 1.10, leading to even more losses in European equities and spilling over to the US. 

DMV Releases Photo Of "Radicalized" Mass Shooter After Weapons Trove Found In House

Update: DMV releases driver's license photo of Farook

In a press briefing on Thursday, San Bernardino officials catalogued the weapons and ammo discovered in the vehicle and home of Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik who killed 21 and wounded 14 on Wednesday. Additionally, CNN (citing "sources") says Farook was likely "radicalized." The pair were "well equipped" and could have staged another attack, police say.