One Trader Warns: "Don't Confuse Risk-Asset-Buying With Calm"

"... when all other analysis seems to have failed, there’s this curious yet understandable, belief that God will provide... After all, what else sensibly explains the unceasing rewards from the accumulation of risky assets, despite serial reminders that all may not be as copacetic as the price levels insist is the case."

Healthcare Stocks Slide After Trump Says "Drug Prices Out Of Control"

What spooked the market was Trump reprising Hillary circa "summer of 2015", when moments ago the president said that "prescription drug prices are out of control." This was enough for the headline scanning algos to immediately send the IBB, XBI and the S&P healthcare index tumbling, wiping out the day's gains.

iPhone 7 Outselling iPhone 8, Channel Checks Reveal

"Many respondents indicated that a meaningful portion of customers are buying iPhone 7 in lieu of the new iPhone 8, given the lack of significant enhancements in the new phone," KeyBanc analyst John Vinh wrote in a client note.

Spanish Prosecutors Seek To Jail Popular Catalan Police Chief

In a move that is set to further infurate the Catalan separatist, Spain's Public Prosecutor's Office has petitioned Judge Carmela Lamela, investigating charges of sedition in Barcelona on September 20, to jail Catalan Police chief Josep Lluis Trapero on remand, court reporters for Spanish media tweeted.

The Fading Scent Of The American Dream

"This dynamic has yet to fully play out, but it will. Whatever you think of Trump, his election isn't the problem; it's merely a symptom of much deeper forces that will sweep our corrupt and rotten-to-the-core status quo into the dustbin of history."