"Low" Inflation Print Sparks Panic-Selling In Treasuries

Because nothing says "sell bonds" like a dismally low inflation print. From the moment CPI printed (lower than expected), Treasury yields started to rise and accelerate higher as traders reflect on the chances of a delayed Fed rate hike... bad-enough news is bad news for bonds (for now) and stocks...

Turkey Turmoiling: Lira Plunges To Record Low On Financial, Political, Terrorism Fears

Turkey’s lira is once again in free fall, after testing all-time lows against the dollar during multiple sessions of late as political turmoil and civil war wreak havoc on the currency. As BofAML notes, "now that the CBT has left rates unchanged and announced that it will largely rely on selling more FX to tame volatility in FX market while waiting Fed to hike first, TRY still remains a fair game."

Consumer Prices Rise At Slowest Pace Since 2014 As Airfares Plunge, Car Costs Slide, But 'Rents' Jump

US Consumer Prices (CPI) missed expectations MoM with a mere 0.1% rise (half the expected 0.2% rise). Core CPI (ex food and energy) rose just 0.1% - its weakest growth since Dec 2014 with the biggest drivers being a 5.6% plunge in airfares - the biggest drop since 1995 and a 0.3% surge in 'owner equivalent rents' driven by lodging. Gas prices rose for the 3rd consecutive month (unequivocally good?) but new and used car prices tumbled.

Frontrunning: August 19

  • $1 trillion in Emerging Market outflows in the past 13 months (FT)
  • German lawmakers back third Greek bailout (Reuters)
  • Dutch government faces test in "junkie" Greece debate (Reuters)
  • China c.bank offers selected banks medium term lending facility (Reuters)
  • Another "expert network" busted: Promontory settles over StanChart probe (FT)
  • Angola to Ship Most Crude in Four Years to Meet Asian Demand (BBG)
  • Hackers dump data online from cheating website Ashley Madison (Reuters)
  • Yuan’s Devaluation Brings Losses for Some (WSJ)

German Parliament Approves Third Greek Bailout, Opposing Votes Drop

With a Greek payment to the ECB due tomorrow, there was no doubt that Germany's parliament would ratify the Third Greek bailout, and the only question was whether political opposition to a Greek rescue would be larger or smaller than expressed in the last such Bundestag vote on July 17. Sure enough, following a speech by Schauble urging his fellow MPs to give Greece a "chance for a new start", moments ago the German parliament approved the third bailout with 454 votes for, 113 against - of which 63 were Merkel's lawmakers - and 18 abstentions.

Chinese Intervention Rescues Market From 2-Day Plunge, Futures Red Ahead Of Inflation Data, FOMC Minutes

With China's currency devaluation having shifted to the backburner if only for the time being, all attention was once again on the Chinese stock market roller coaster, which did not disappoint: starting off with yesterday's dramatic 6.2% plunge, the Shanghai Composite crashed in early trading, plunging as much as 5% in early trading and bringing the two-day drop to a correction-inducing 11%, and just 51.2 points away from the July 8 low (when China unleashed the biggest ad hoc market bailout in capital markets history) . And then the cavalry came in, and virtually the entire afternoon session was one big BTFD orgy, leading to a 1.2% gain in the Shanghai Composite closing price, while Shenzhen and ChiNext closed up 2.2% and 2.7%, respectively.

Court To Bakery Owners: You Have No Property Rights

The Colorado Appeals Court ruled that the owners of a bakery do not have any right to control their property, and that they shall be forced to provide bakery services to a couple that the owner would rather not do business with. In other words, they have no property rights.

Only The Date Is Unknown

The US and world economies are frauds that are coming unraveled. The Greek bailout is the most recent example of “kick the can down the road” solutions. The US housing bubble was an attempt to cover up/recover from the dot-com bust. Now the US is in a financial bubble engineered to recover from the housing bubble debacle. Soon this bubble will burst. Only the date is unknown.

Chinese Stocks Crash 10% In 2 Days Despite Stable Yuan, Margin Debt Drops First Time In 8 Days

UPDATE: At the end of the morning session there is more blood on the streets as The PPT never turned up... Chinese stocks are now down 10-12% since Monday's close.

Following yesterday's massive CNY120bn liquidity injection - the largest since Jan 2014 - and the notable absence of the plunge protection team in the afternoon rout ("we're only here for emergencies"), we note that margin debt fell for the first time in 8 days as Chinese farmers and grandmas realized once again that the stock market is not a free-ride to nirvana. Chinese stock futures indicate the losses will be extended at the open (SHCOMP -2.7%) as the Yuan fix is held unchanged.

We Are The Government: Tactics For Taking Down The Police State

Saddled with a corporate media that marches in lockstep with the government, elected officials who dance to the tune of their corporate benefactors, and a court system that serves to maintain order rather than mete out justice, Americans often feel as if they have no voice, no authority and no recourse when it comes to holding government officials accountable and combatting rampant corruption and injustice. In the face of such abject injustice, outright corruption and overt inequality, it’s hard to feel empowered to believe the average citizen can make a difference.

Citizen Patrols Return To Central Park After 26% Jump In Crime, Mayor de Blasio Blamed

Until recently, the "socialization" of New York under newish mayor Bill DeBlasio mostly involved snowfall snafus, exploding manhole covers, giant sinkholes in the middle of the city, and boycotting NYPD cops. The rest was mostly still on auto pilot, and as a result, worked. However, slowly but surely, even the mecca of crony capitalism where at least 1% of the population has never had it better, is starting to succumb to the general economic malaise of the second great depression. Case in point, crime in Central Park is up 26% this year, which at a time of record wealth, gentrification and all time high stock prices, should be unheard of. It also confirms that not all is well with the "recovery" propaganda.

Is The New U.S. 'Law Of War Manual' Actually ‘Hitlerian'?

What seems undeniable about the Law of War Manual, is that there are self-contradictions within it. To assert that it "reads like it was written by Hitler's Ministry of War,” is going too far. But, to say that it’s hypocritical (except, perhaps, on torture, where it’s clearly a repudiation of GWB’s practices), seems safely true. Parts of the document are propaganda. The purpose isn’t to fool the public, who won’t read the document. The purpose of the propaganda is to enable future presidents to say, “But if you will look at this part of the Manual, you will see that what we are doing is perfectly legal.” Those mutually contradictory passages are there in order to provide answers which will satisfy both  the ‘hawks’ and  the ‘doves.’

The 8 Trillion Black Swan: Is China's Shadow Banking System About To Collapse?

Between micromanaging the economy, equities, the yuan, and public opinion, there's no question that China has its hands full these days. But with everyone's attention now focused sqaurely on Beijing's plunge protection team and the PBoC's "controlled" yuan devaluation, the market may be ignoring the biggest risk of all...

What Will You Do When The Government Checks Stop?

Preppers talk about the day when paper currency becomes worthless and how they plan to barter when things fall apart. But, what will most people do when the government check they depend on stops forever more. Over 50% of the people in America now get some kind of government check every month. That is a question that we think many people have not come to grips with yet. You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. When the government checks stop and your savings are gone, what will you do?

Hillary Mocks FBI Claim She Wiped Email Server Clean, "What With A Cloth Or Something?"

The stunning imbroglio of Hillary Clinton's path to The White House took another absurd twist tonight when just hours after The FBI confirmed an "attempt" was made to wipe the hard drive of her email server (or in other words, remove all data on it), the former secretary of state seemed to mock the claims in a press conference. When asked specifically if she wiped the server, she 'ummed' and 'ahhed' then jokingly said "what with a cloth or something?"