Fabrications Of Financial Media Superstars – Part One

Every day, the A-listers, those known around the world as household-name financial media royalty, are making public statements that if taken on the surface as actionable advice, are going to lead to unpleasant financial surprises... Not for them. For you...

Activists, Including Cerberus, Take 6.9% Stake In Deutsche Bank

It seems that investors, including Cerberus, are unhappy with the strategy Deutsche's CEO, John Cryan, is pursuing and the pace at which benefits are impacting the DB’s P&L. We don’t blame them and the pressure on Cryan is about to ratchet up dramatically.

Empire Fed Tumbles Most In 7 Months, But 'Hope' Surges To 5 Year Highs

Having equalled its highest level since 2009 in October, November's Empire Fed print tumbled from 30.2 to 19.4, way below the 25.1 expectations (the biggest drop since April). However, while the headline slipped, hope for the future surged to its higest in over 5 years...

Retail Sales Growth Slows In October As Storm Surge Fades

Following September's unprecedented storm-related surge in retail sales (which was revised even higher), October was a fall back to reality with a 0.2% MoM rise (better than expected 0.0% though), pushing the YoY growth back down to 4.6%.