Iran's Shockingly Honest Reaction To Trump's Visit To Saudi Arabia

"We have seen it all before. The Saudis are spending billions on arms which they don’t have the capacity to absorb...The Shah, too, spent billions of dollars buying arms from America, he too had capacity problems. We had 65,000 Americans in Iran, most of them in the armed forces. But then came the revolution and the weapons were used against him and his regime."

One Bank Spots An "Amber Warning Sign" Inside The Vol Complex

"It is interesting that as volatility has remained low, the put call ratio has been falling as investors seek exposure to the rising SPX (buying more calls relative to puts). Moreover this has coincided with a sharp move higher in correlation momentum. This is an amber warning sign that momentum in stocks might be peaking over the coming months."

Two White Women Forced To Close Burrito Shop Because Of "Cultural Appropriation"

"Cultural appropriation is a bizarre concept when you think about it...It’s also a sign of severe cognitive dissonance among leftists. They claim they want everyone in the world to mix and live in peace, but they snap at people who dare to share another culture. Ironically, it sounds an awful lot like regular old racism."

Mortgage Rates Tumble To 6-Month Lows

After a week of dismal housing data, a silver lining perhaps. The spike in U.S. mortgage rates since the November presidential election has been cut in half.

Bitcoin 'Crashes' To 1-Week Lows - The Difference Between Fear And Concern

Bitcoin dropped over $900 from its record high at $2760 on Thursday in the last 48 hours, but has bounced back to remain up 17% week-over-week. While the volatility is unprecedented, Liberty Blitzkrieg's Mike Krieger notes it is indicative of the emotional excesses as investors experience the difference between fear and concern of what lies ahead for the global financial system (and indeed the status quo).

Hillary Clinton: "The Right Is Afraid Of Me Because I Don't Die"

"...these guys on the other side are not just interested in my losing, they want to keep coming after me. What are they so afraid of? Me, to some extent. Because I don’t die, despite their best efforts. But what [really drives them] is what I represent..."

Why Bother?

"The best strategy for dealing with crazies is to keep your distance."