Where Does It End?

"It’s nothing new... Whenever a major country is in decline and approaching collapse, a contingent arises that does everything it can to speed up the process toward collapse..."

The Wireless Power Grid: More Than A 100 Years In The Making

"If you can imagine a massive, horrifying beast with some 6 million miles of tentacles that costs up to $33 billion to feed and $5 trillion to replace, then you can imagine the U.S. electricity grid. But it’s a beast that can possibly be vanquished, finally..."

Watch Live: AT&T, Time Warner Respond To DOJ Anti-Trust Lawsuit

Just minutes after the Justice Department announced that it would be unveiling a major anti-trust action late Monday, Bloomberg is reporting that telecom giant AT&T will be the target of said action. Late last year, AT&T announced that it had agreed to buy Time Warner in another controversial merger of content creators and distributors.