Chipotle Tumbles: Will Demand Customers Pay More For Food That Won't Make Them Sick

From Ecoli to Norovirus and from average-joes to college athletes, the success of CMG has become its down fall as something ugly is growing in the healthy fast food restaurant. The latest headline is a little intriguing, as amid all the carnage, Chitptle says it will have to raise prices... as new supplier standards will hurt margins, and require "significant cost" adjustment, according to CFO Jack Hartung. We will see if poeple wil pay more not to get siuck and lose 15lbs (or prefer to pay less).

Deja-Vu Eh? Canadian Stocks Plunge To 2-Year Lows

Canadian stocks are down 15% from their highs in 2008 (and down 18% from the 2014 highs) as the blowback from a collapsing energy market ripples across the entire "not unequivocally good" economy. However, perhaps more worrying is the 2008-esque dynamic playing out almost perfectly for America's northern neighbor...

US Denies Bombing Assad's Forces, Blames Russia

“A U.S. military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the United States is certain that Russia was responsible for the deadly strike on the Syrian army camp,” Reuters reports, adding that “the official flatly dismissed claims that U.S.-led coalition jets were responsible.”

This Is Why $20 Oil Is A Possibility

The day of reckoning has arrived for the oil price. After a year of "Oil Price Crash" in October the world managed record production of 97.09 Mbpd. Production momentum built in the period of high price, 2007 to 2014, is proving very difficult to switch off. It must be switched off and it seems to me the most likely scenario is sharply lower oil price in the near term.

Going FANG-less

FANGs are tumbling, seeming to have 'peaked' as ISM Services tumbled last week. But before you rush to buy the dip on these "gems" we thought it would be helpful to review some basic fundamental data in order to clarify exactly what investors are assuming when they purchase these stocks.

S&P 500 Opens In The Red For 2015 As Energy Crash Continues

The last week has seen Small Caps first drop into negative territory for the year (joining Dow Transports). Yesterday The Dow joined the un-party. And today, following growth concerns from China trade data, The S&P 500 has tumbled to open in the red for the year...

6 Of 8 Trump Supporters Stand Behind Muslim Travel Ban; Muslims Furious

"We're gonna have to figure it out, we can't live like this. It's going to get worse and worse, we're going to have more World Trade Centers. It's going to get worse and worse, folks. We can be politically correct and we can be stupid but it's going to be worse and worse." Donald Trump said even as an AP summary of Muslim reactions to Trump can be summarized as follows: "He's trying to alienate not only the Muslim population of the United States but all the Muslims around the world."

Crude Crashes To $36 Handle - Down 15% Since OPEC

How many times were we told that an OPEC decision was "priced in" - well it wasn't. WTI is now down 15% from pre-OPEC and has crashed through the $37 level for the first time since Feb 2009... time to catch a falling knife (again), or fold on all those 'recovery' bets?

World's Fifth Largest Miner Announces Massive Layoffs, Suspends Dividend, Sells 60% Of Portfolio

If you're in the commodities business, this is “not the time for courage” (to borrow a classic Gartman-ism). In the latest example of just how bad things have gotten, Anglo American - the world’s fifth largest miner - just kitchen sink-ed it, announcing a sweeping restructuring, a massive round of layoffs, and a dividend cut. The company will reduce its assets by some 60% while headcount will be cut by a whopping 85,000 or, nearly two thirds.